[Does eating betel nut affect pregnancy?


[Does eating betel nut affect pregnancy?

In daily life, many people have the habit of eating betel nut. Betel nut is very rich in nutrition, which contains a variety of mineral elements, and there are some active substances that are good for your health. This betel nut has high economic value.It is usually good to eat some betel nuts properly, so if pregnant women eat betel nuts, what harm may be caused?

Does eating betel nut affect pregnancy?
Does eating betel nut affect newborns?

In fact, eating betel nut has little effect on the native.

Betel nut is edible, chewed in brine, it is normal for those who chew for the first time to have redness and chest tightness. It is normal. Betel nut juice is chewed and teeth will be red.

Excessive use of arecoline can cause poisoning, cause drooling, vomiting, diuresis, lethargy and convulsions, and even chest tightness and dizziness.

If it is caused by oral administration, gastric perfusion of potassium permanganate solution and injection of atropine can be used.

The betel nut is used as a medicinal material, which is mainly used for insecticidal, destructive, gas-discharging, and water flowing.

Treatment of worms, stagnation of food, abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, ulcer, edema, athlete’s foot, phlegm, crux.

It is recommended not to consume during pregnancy and lactation.

In addition, there is a city in Hunan Province that exclusively sells betel nuts. The entire city is like a world of betel nuts.

Areca nuts are sold throughout the country through specialty stores, wholesale stores and retail outlets on the streets.

However, locals have told them that it is addictive to eat betel nuts processed here, and they are anxious about not eating for a day.

Therefore, some experts caution that the natural betel nut contains arecoline and choline, which is very addictive, and not very harmful, or basically harmless.

However, the ephedra added by illegal traders is actually added with ephedrine. Ephedrine is the precursor of methamphetamine (producing) methamphetamine that is being severely cracked. People with high blood pressure and kidney disease will have veryGreat harm.

Therefore, ephedrine itself is a medicine, it is not an additive that can be added to food.

It is a serious violation of the Food Sanitation Law if such a food additive substance of high or relatively strong neurological dependence is consumed in large amounts.

Eating betelang will not affect birth. You should rest assured, but betel nut cannot be eaten too much. It is not good for the body, and it will cause poisoning. There are many reasons that can affect itCouples with problems in this regard should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in a timely manner.