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      Cobetter has upgraded its validation center and launched a new single-use manufacturing factory
      • 2021-04-20
      • 1440

      As a global filtration company, Cobetter focuses on membrane technology application and R&D. In addition, we are dedicated to supplying filtration, separation, and purification solution across all industries worldwide. Domestically (in China),  many pharmaceutical companies,  food and beverage companies,  microelectronic companies along with multinational chemical and medical device companies utilize Cobetter products and solutions.

      After the establishment of Cobetter new Shanghai office on March 18, 2021, Cobetter continues to expand its production capacity to ensure continued great customer service and is further increasing our R&D budget to continue developing our technologies to serve our customers.


      The landmark Cobetter validation center and our new single-use manufacturing factory are officially opened today.

      Looking back on the history of Cobetter, there are three key secrets Cobetter’s success. These are product quality, R&D investment, and validation service. These have made Cobetter a filter cartridge manufacturing company that can provide complete service concerning membrane filtration. To ensure our product quality, Cobetter will continue to always make the validation step priority. Therefore, the number of employees of our validation center also increased from ten to more than a hundred now, there are over 54 kinds of validation service offered and we issued more than 2000 validation reports annually to our customers. Cobetter’s new products are also emerging in an endless stream, such as PES ultrafiltration membrane, RC ultrafiltration membrane, hollow fiber membrane, etc.

      While the validation lab’s area and scale are expanding, we equipped our support lab with high quality equipments, so we can provide the validation service to our customer. The establishment of Cobetter’s single-use manufacturing factory will greatly alleviate the current global supply chain shortage caused by the large-scale production of COVID-19 vaccine throughout the industry. 

      Application and Validation Laboratory Center

      Cobetter validation Center was founded in 2007, and to date we have invested nearly 100 million RMB in its capability. Cobetter validation Center has 9 laboratories, 8 oversee testing experts and more than 80 experimental engineers. The validation center become 7 times bigger after this upgrade. In the meanwhile, the number of testing instruments, such as LCMS, GCMS, UV, HPLC and FTIR, has been increased, so the quantity and quality of our service is maintained. From now on, the validation center will continue to help customers to solve various filtration, separation, purification, validation and other problems through our professional theoretical system, practical experience, and advanced experimental instruments.


      Single-use Bags Production Factory

      Disposable bag production factory covers an area of 2000 square meters, and has 11 production lines, of which 3-4 production lines are designed for ISO Class 7. With the investment in this facility Cobetter's single-use bags production factory which can produce raw solution application storage bag in China. In 2021, the annual production capacity of 2D bags exceeds 60,000, the annual production capacity of 3D bags exceeds over 100,000, the annual production capacity of mixing bags is between 50,000 to 60,000.

      Virus Removal and Validation Lab

      Hangzhou Neutral Bioassay Co., Ltd. is an independent operating company in which Cobetter has invested. It provides process effectiveness research services for downstream purification process of biological products, as the core business of an independent third-party biological testing organization. Neutral was founded in 2020, located at Xiaoshan district Information Port, covering an area of 1200 square meters. Neutral is made up by cell culture laboratory, virus purification laboratory, virus clearance research laboratory, molecular detection laboratory and other laboratories. All laboratories have been registered by BSL-2 and will be certified by CMA CNAS, in line with GLP management standards. All laboratories have all necessary instruments and quality management systems for virus removal or inactivation process validation. 


      The laboratory uses proven virus detection methods and customized validation schemes to provide virus removal and inactivation service to customers to speed up customers’ R&D process. We can provide customers with virus removal and inactivation process in the clinical and application stage, or we can offer re-validation after process redevelopment. 


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      • March 17-19th
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        Chongqing | China
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