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    1. StarCaps Capsule Filter Series
      Ready-to-Use Capsule Filters for R&D and Production

      Cobetter StarCaps Capsule Filters are self-contained ready-to-use capsule filters for contaminant, bacteria, and particle removal in bio-pharmaceutical applications. StarCaps Capsule Filter Series feature a linear filter design and sanitary flange flexible connectors.

      Features and Benefits

      • Different options of filtration media are available from pre-filtration to sterile filtration media
      • Disposable filter design reduces cleaning time and maintenance costs
      • Wide range of sizes available to meet all R&D and production requirements
      • Thermally bonded with no adhesives or glues used
      • Flange and hose barb inlet/outlet connection provides a sanitary and easy connection

      Quality Assurance*

      • StarCaps Capsule Filters are manufactured per ISO 9001
      • Cleanliness
        All components of StarCaps Capsule Filters meets the requirements for non-fiber releasing according to Regulation 21 CFR
      • Material SafetyAll
        plastic material pass the biological tests according to the current version of USP<88>for plastic class VI 121°C;All material meets the requirements cited in 21CFR177-182 and 1935/2004/EC for indirect food additive.
      • TOC & Conductivity
        StarCaps Capsule Filters flushed water: TOC<0.5 mg/L and conductivity ≤5.1μS/cm@25°C
      • Microbiological Retention
        Sterilzing-grade StarCaps Capsule Filters are all validated according to ASTM F838
      • Integrity
        100% Integrity Tested
      • Specification
      • Performance
      • Drawing
      • Ordering Information

      Materials of Construction

      Outer ShellGamma Stable Polypropylene
      Filter Media*
      Membrane MediaSPSHR
      GPFL (for gas)
      LPF (for liquids)
      Symmetric PES Membrane
      Asymmetric PES Membrane
      Double-layer PES Membrane
      PVDF Membrane
      Charged PVDF Membrane
      Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane
      Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane
      Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane
      Depth MediaAPP
      Absolute-Rated Polypropylene
      Nominal-Rated Polypropylene
      Multi-layer Polypropylene
      Glass Fiber
      Sealing MaterialPlease see the Ordering Information below
      Inlet & Outlet
      Vent / Drain Ports
      According to Ordering Information



      DiameterLengthVent / Drain
      ¢128.0mm214/ 315/ 580/ 825mm6mm Hose Barb

      Operating Conditions

      Max. Operating Pressure/ Liquid5.2 bar @0°C- 38°C

      3.1 bar @60°C
      Max.Operating Pressure/ Gas5.2 bar @0°C- 38°C

      3.1 bar @60°C
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