[5 golden ratios of good couples]

[5 golden ratios of good couples]

The body has a golden ratio, and the same is true of marriage. Differences in height, age, and even monthly salary may all become factors that affect the two.

The following research derived the golden ratio is not suitable for everyone, but we do not hinder it as a reference.

12 cm height difference This is the best height difference between men and women. It is the most harmonious difference regardless of holding hands, hugging, kissing.

Boys are too short, girls will feel bland, too tall and difficult to reach.

Opinion: Most girls have a strong desire to be protected, and they hope that their male partner is higher than themselves, so they have a more secure feeling.

In fact, men are generally taller than women, but if it is more than 10 cm higher, the visual effect is more obvious, and the petiteness of girls and the strength of boys can be demonstrated.

This difference can make the gender roles of both sides more distinct, that is, men are more like men and women are more like women.

Of course, too late, too high is not practical.

The 12 cm number is enough to represent an ideal value for the height difference between many couples, and represents a desire that most women need to be cared for.


[Effects and effects of crisp dates]_Benefits_Premise

[Effects and effects of crisp dates]_Benefits_Premise

Crispy jujubes are dates that people often eat in life. This is one of them. This kind of dates tastes very sweet and has a high nutritional value, such as vitamin C, which is a kind of nutrition.Elements are often absorbed by people in their lives, otherwise they will cause malnutrition, and the nutrients contained in this food will be more easily absorbed by the body.

Consuming edible fresh food, the fruit of jujube is sweet and rich in vitamins C and P.

[1]Jujube can be said to be a very good fruit. Eating dates can replenish blood, lower blood pressure, and enhance human immunity.

At the same time, jujube also contains a large number of vitamins, a variety of trace elements and sugars. Studies have shown that it has certain effects on protecting the liver and sedating the nerves.

[7]Fresh jujube is richer in vitamins, but it is sometimes orderly and cannot be bought often, and eating more may harm digestive function.

Although the vitamin content of dried dates is reduced, the iron content is increased and its nutrition is more easily absorbed.

[8] 食疗做法 ①红枣泡水,养肝排毒红枣的一个冲泡细节决定着它功效的高低。Jujube peel is tough and difficult to digest. If it is brewed whole, it is difficult to completely dissolve its active ingredients, so it is best to open it and brew it.

Also note that fresh dates should not be brewed or cooked.

This is because its vitamin C content is very high, and boiling with hot water will seriously damage vitamin C.

② Jujube boiled soup, cough and lungs The “Bian Xiao Fang” written by Tang Dynasty Cylindrical Clogs records that jujube, white fungus and rock sugar can be used to make cough and lungs.

Materials: Tremella: 20 grams (about half a flower), red dates: 20, rock sugar: 60 grams (you can add or reduce the amount according to each person’s taste)Put small pieces into the pot together with red dates and rock sugar. Add 6 bowls of water. After the high heat is boiled, use a low heat and cook for another half an hour, then turn off the heat.

③ boiled eggs with red dates, nourishing blood and beauty, use red dates and longan boiled brown sugar water, when the dates rotten longan, beat an egg; continue to boil the eggs with a low fire.

Red dates, longan and brown sugar all have the effect of nourishing blood, and the boiled eggs are very nourishing.

④ In the traditional Chinese medicine, jujube boiled with porridge and soothe the nerves, women have symptoms such as restlessness, restlessness, etc., you can use appropriate amount of lily and lotus seeds with red dates.

If cooked with millet, the effect of red dates and soothing can be better exerted.

⑤ Jujube sparkling wine, smooth blood vessels During the soaking process of red dates, notice that the nutrient organic matter is more easily dissolved in the wine.

Have a certain effect on keeping the blood vessels open.

[8]There are so many effects of taboo dates, but it is not advisable to eat them, and there are some alternatives when eating dates.

① Do not eat with rot. Do not eat jujube. After rot, it will help the microorganisms to multiply in their body.

At the same time, formaldehyde and methanol can be decomposed in the rotten date.

After consumption of this substance, light people can cause dizziness and eye damage; more serious, they can endanger life.

② It is not appropriate to consume the vitamins inherent in jujube with vitamins at the same time, it can break down and destroy vitamin K, thereby reducing the therapeutic effect of vitamins.

[How old is the dried fish oil suitable for babies]_Action_Applicable people

[How old is the dried fish oil suitable for babies]_Action_Applicable people

The newborn’s body resistance is poor. Many mothers choose to give the baby cod liver oil, which is rich in vitamin A and other essential trace elements.

Eating cod liver oil to babies can indeed promote the baby’s intellectual development and strengthen the baby’s physical immunity.

However, many mothers are more obedient when replenishing cod liver oil to their babies. Newborn babies have weak bodies and are not suitable for taking cod liver oil. Generally speaking, babies should not take cod liver oil until the full moon.

There is nothing trivial for a baby to grow up, especially in infants and young children. Development and growth require more nutrients.

At this time, it is necessary for parents to add various vitamins to their babies, and cod liver oil is the best choice for babies.

However, when to add cod liver oil to the baby, how much cod liver oil to supplement, how long the baby eats cod liver oil, this is very particular about, can not afford to be sloppy.

How long does it take for infants to eat cod liver oil? Generally, cod liver oil is not as important as parents imagine to be two years old. Cod liver oil is a health product that promotes children’s absorption of calcium. Parents only need to feed their children with cod liver oil according to the amount.Give your child cod liver oil continuously.

There are many ways to supplement your child’s calcium. Taking your child out occasionally, going to a place with good air and basking in the sun can also promote the production of vitamin D in the child’s body, speed up the baby’s calcium absorption, and promote bone development.

2, taking matters Cod liver oil is to promote calcium absorption, mainly vitamin A and vitamin D.

The common cod liver oil in China is Ekosin. Generally, the daily requirement of vitamin d is up to 400 units. If a cod liver oil contains so much vitamin D, it is not necessary to eat it every day.

Excessive intake of cod liver oil will increase the child’s digestive burden. If the child’s tongue is thick and is responsible for taking lactase and pepsin oral solution to help digestion, Mummy love can also.

At present, there are many cod liver oil preparations on the market. According to the ratio of vitamin a and vitamin d, they can be divided into 2: 1, 3: 1 and 10: 1. Parents can choose 2: 1 cod liver oil.

How much vitamin D should be added daily The recommended intake of vitamin D for the latest version of the Chinese Resident Replacement Guide is: 0-50 years old: 10 μg (400IU) daily 50-50 years old: 15 μg (600IU) pregnant womenAnd breast milk mothers: 10 μg (400 IU) per day Note: IU and μg (micrograms) are units of measurement, 1 μg = 40 IU, 1 IU can also be said to be 1 international unit; because vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, long-term excess intake will occurPoisoning causes hypercalcemia, depression of the central nervous system, abnormal calcification and hypercalciuria, renal calcium and kidney stones.

The latest revision of the American Medical Institute may pose a risk. The maximum daily intake of vitamin D is: 0-6 months, 1000 IU, 6-12 months, 1500 IU, 1-3 years, and 2500 IU. Generally speaking, it is normal to consume 400 IU daily.Only long-term accumulation can reach the level of the above levels will bring risks to the body.

[Fried pork with green peppers]_Fried pork with green peppers_Methods Daquan_Homely practices

[Fried pork with green peppers]_Fried pork with green peppers_Methods Daquan_Homely practices

There is a piece of food with green pepper stir-fried meat everywhere. I believe most people know how to do it. Some people choose fat meat, some people choose lean meat. Today, we recommend everyone to choose pork belly.Will become fragrant.

First, the practice of stir-fried pork belly with green peppers 1.

Prepare pork belly (cooked with water and sliced) and green peppers.


Cut garlic rice into diced green peppers.


Fry sliced pork belly into a non-stick pan and fry until golden on both sides.


Then add green pepper and garlic rice.


Finally, add the soy sauce and stir-fry quickly.


Stir-fried “Green Pepper Stir-fried Pork Belly” Green pepper is spicy and crispy. The pork belly sauce is chewy, and it is good to drink and drink!

Second, pork belly fried green peppers / more practices Step 1 of pork belly fried green peppers practice.

Sliced pork belly and green peppers.

Step 2 of Fried Pork with Green Pork.

Boil the pan, add oil, stir-fry the pork belly, put the right amount of soy sauce pork belly and stir-fry the green pepper. Step 3.

Add the green peppers and stir fry until the green peppers change color.

Add the right amount of water starch, add the right amount of salt, MSG out of the pot three, pepper fried pork belly pork belly 500g, red pepper right amount, sharp pepper right amount, green garlic right, garlic right, ginger right, 1 tablespoon raw, chopped pepperLarge spoon, 1/2 spoon of chicken essence, proper amount of oil 1. Wash the pork belly, slice, slice green peppers, slice shallots, slice garlic, and chopped ginger.

2. Heat the pan and pour a small amount of oil. After the oil is hot, add ginger garlic and sauté.

3. Pour sliced pork belly.

4. Stir-fry until pork belly becomes discolored. Add garlic and stir-fry evenly.

5. Add the green and red peppers and continue to stir well.

6, add chopped pepper, raw soy sauce, some chicken essence, stir fry evenly.

[Rabbit leg practice]_ rabbit leg _ how to do _ how to do

[Rabbit leg practice]_ rabbit leg _ how to do _ how to do

In addition to eating rabbit meat usually, you can also eat rabbit legs. The nutritional value of rabbit legs is relatively high, and the entrance is also very mellow. When making it, you must first prepare onion ginger, garlic and minced pepper, and some green pepper, red pepper, and rabbit meat.Be sure to make it spicy so that you can taste it and remove the odor in the meat.

Ingredients: Two pieces of rabbit legs, about 300 grams, 50 grams of ginger, 100 grams of green onion, 50 grams of onion, 50 grams of coriander, 50 grams of red pepper, 50 grams of green pepper, and a small bun of Wangzi.

Seasoning: 50 grams of pepper noodles, 20 grams of pepper noodles, 10 grams of salt, 10 grams of MSG, 5 grams of chicken essence, 2 grams of white sugar, 30 grams of cumin powder, 100 grams of rice wine, 5 grams of pepper powder, 100 grams of red oil, and sesame oil 20Grams, 2500 grams of salad oil.

Method: 1. Thaw and clean the rabbit legs, beat the cross-blade knife to taste, then mix the onion, ginger, green onion, coriander, green and red pepper grains, 5 grams of salt, rice wine, pepper powder, pepper noodles and pour to the rabbitOn the legs, the code smells for 20 minutes.

2. Set the pan on the fire and pour in the salad oil. When it is 70% hot, lower the rabbit legs and fry on low heat for 5 minutes until the rabbit legs are dark red.

[美食中国] 3、锅里放红油、辣椒面、孜然粉、味精、鸡精、5克盐、白糖、黄油炒香,放入炸好的兔腿翻炒均匀,放入小馒头推转Put the sesame oil on the pan and serve.

[When is the best time to eat moringa seeds]_ taking time _ when to take

[When is the best time to eat moringa seeds]_ taking time _ when to take

Moringa seed is a health food with relatively high nutritional value. It has many functions and effects. It can not only supplement many trace elements required by the human body, but also contain various vitamins in Moringa seed.When eating the seeds, you need to pay attention to methods and methods. You ca n’t eat too much at one time, and you ca n’t eat too little at the same time. When you eat them, you need to divide time. When is the best time to eat moringa seeds?

When is the best time to eat moringa seeds?

Moringa seeds are best eaten after breakfast. We all know that moringa seeds are nutritious and the human body is the best in the morning. Therefore, it is best to eat moringa seeds within half an hour after breakfast.A large amount of blood accumulates in the capillaries of the mesenteric mucosa. At this time, the effect of triggering the absorption of nutrients is better, and the nutritional supplement effect of moringa seeds is more ideal.

Can moringa seeds be eaten at night?

Moringa seeds are suitable for use as nutritional supplements, but moringa seeds are not suitable for consumption at night. Moringa seeds contain alkaloids and oxalic acid, both of which can stimulate the nerves of the brain.

The nutritional content of moringa seeds is known as the “miracle tree”, mainly because of its extremely high nutritional value.

Moringa contains 4 times more calcium than milk, Moringa contains 2 times more calcium than milk, Moringa contains 3 times more calcium than bananas, Moringa contains 3 times more iron than spinach, and Moringa containsVitamin C is 7 times that of citrus, and Moringa contains 4 times that of vitamin A (B carrot).

It is a healthy food to treat and fight malnutrition.

What are the benefits of moringa seeds to prevent cardiovascular disease? Moringa seeds contain a certain amount of vegetable oils, which are all unsaturated fatty acids. Consuming 3 capsules of moringa seeds every day can provide sufficient unsaturated fatty acids and inhibit the saturation of fatty acids in the blood andThe combination of the effects of cholesterol also has a certain clearance effect on the already formed high-density cholesterol, and has a good preventive effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Weight loss Moringa seeds is a kind of food with high satiety. This is related to the unsaturated fatty acids, protein and supplementary fiber contained in Moringa seeds. It gives people a high satiety after eating and can reduce the consumption of other foods.And can promote the peristalsis of the renal tract, the replacement of food in the aunt can also have a certain control effect, there are weight loss effects.

[A chicken egg white lipid]_calories_heat energy

[A chicken egg white lipid]_calories_heat energy

Eggs are divided into two eggs. Many people like egg and yolk are more likely to eat protein, because protein tastes better, and egg yolk must be added with some food to be able to eat it, otherwiseThe egg yolk will feel a special fragrance, and there will be some scabs, and the nutrition of the two parts of egg yolk and protein is also different. So how much is the conversion of an egg white?

Egg is a kind of nutrient-rich food. An egg weighs about 50 grams, contains 7 grams of protein, and 6 grams of auntie, and produces 82 kcal of heat energy.

The amino acid ratio of egg protein is very suitable for the physiological needs of the human body. It is easily absorbed by the body and can be transformed up to more than 98%.

Eggs contain high levels of calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin A, and they are rich in B vitamins. They also contain many other vitamins and trace elements necessary for humans. They are used by children, the elderly, mothers, and patients with hepatitis, tuberculosis, and anemia.Good tonic for recovery patients.

Eggs, also known as chicken eggs, are eggs produced by hens. They have a hard shell on the outside and air cells, egg white and yolk on the inside.

Evidence shows that nutrition is rich, an egg weighs about 50 grams and contains 7 grams of protein.

The amino acid ratio of egg protein is very suitable for the physiological needs of the human body. It is easily absorbed by the body and can be transformed up to more than 98%. It has high nutritional value and is one of the foods that humans often eat.

Eggs can be divided into three parts: eggshell, egg white and egg yolk.

Sweet and flat.

It has the functions of nourishing yin, moistening dryness, nourishing the heart and soothing the nerves, nourishing the blood and recuperating, and longevity and longevity. It is known as the “ideal nutrition store”.

Protein is a semi-flowing gelatinous substance in the subcutaneous shell, which accounts for about 57% -58 of the volume of the whole egg.


The protein contains about 12% protein, mainly ovalbumin.

Protein also contains a certain amount of riboflavin, nicotinic acid, biotin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other substances.

The protein is divided into concentrated protein and dilute protein.

Concentrated protein: part of the protein near the yolk, the concentration is higher.

Dilute protein: The part of the protein near the egg shell, the concentration is relatively thin.

The yolk and yolk are mostly located in the center of the protein, and are suspended by poles at the poles.

The yolk volume is about 30% of the whole egg?
32%, the main component is yolk phosphoprotein, and the trace content is 28.

2%, most of them belong to lecithin, one of the phospholipids.

For human nutrition, egg yolk is rich in vitamin A and vitamin D, and contains high minerals such as iron, phosphorus, sulfur and calcium.

The yolk has a blastoderm.

[Efficacy and contraindications of Panax notoginseng tea]_Benefits_Dangers

[Efficacy and contraindications of Panax notoginseng tea]_Benefits_Dangers

Panax notoginseng tea is more famous, it is a very good health and health tea, it has a good effect of clearing heat and removing fire, and also has a good effect in detoxifying liver and improving liver function. Usually drinking regularly can improve the body’s immunity.It can resist fatigue. In addition, it also has certain hemostatic and anti-cancer effects. Regular drinking has a certain cosmetic effect. Let’s take a look at this.

The efficacy and contraindications of panax notoginseng should be familiar to many people. Many people like to use panax notoginseng to make tea and drink, and it has very good flat liver, clearing heat and detoxifying eyesight.And antihypertensive and analgesic effects, in addition, for a variety of high blood pressure, migraine and a series of good therapeutic effects.

Today, Xiaobian came to talk with everyone about the efficacy of drinking water with Sanqihua, let’s find out!

Let’s take a look at the specific effects of Sanqihua soaked water and related alternative taboos with the author!

Efficacy of Panax notoginseng 1. With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, people are very prone to irritability and irritability. Drinking and drinking Panax notoginseng tea can reduce people’s anger, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating anger.
2. Detoxification of Panax notoginseng with drinking water can detoxify the metabolism of the human liver. For some people who like to drink for a long time, they can detoxify liver by drinking Panax notoginseng tea.

3. Improving immunity. Drinking the water of Panax notoginseng drinking water can reduce our body’s immunity against diseases and strengthen its resistance to bacteria and viruses.

4. Anti-fatigue The saponin of life in Panax notoginseng tea is enough to resist the fatigue and anti-aging effects of the human body, and can reduce free radicals. It is also a health tea for women’s beauty.

5. Hemostasis contained in Panax notoginseng tea has hemostatic and anti-cancer effects on the body; it is an excellent herbal tea.

The taboo of drinking water with Panax notoginseng 1. Drinking with caution in the cold population; 2. Female menstrual period should not be included; 3. It should not be taken with other flower tea; 4. It should not be put too much at once, about three or five. Drinking Panax notoginseng tea often has these five benefits to the body, but you must pay attention to these four taboos

[Can Luffa Sprouts Be Fried Together]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboos

[Can Luffa Sprouts Be Fried Together]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboos

The taste of the loofah is very light.
The seeds of the loofah are soft and glutinous, and there is no hard phenomenon. Normal chewing, so the seeds of the loofah can also be eaten. In addition, the loofah can be fried with bean sprouts instead of fried with bean sproutsIt is also delicious and a good vegetarian dish. It is more suitable for women who are losing weight, because taking into account the relationship between children, eating loofah can promote metabolism and consume a lot of obesity.

Ingredients of Soybean Sprout Fried Loofah, 2 loofahs, 250g Soybean Sprouts, appropriate amount of salt, proper amount of MSG, soy bean sprouts fried loofah Step 1, Ingredients: Loofah.

2, soy sprouts (cleaned).

3. Peel and clean the loofah.

4, put on the chopping board and cut into hob blocks, set aside.

5. Heat the oil in the wok and stir-fry the soybean sprouts.

6. Next, stir in the loofah and stir-fry.

7. Then, add some salt and MSG.

Daylily loofah lean broth material Ingredients: dried daylily 80g loofah 350g lean 80g auxiliary ingredients: oil, salt, powder, bamboo, chicken, chicken, and chicken.

First dry the daylily, soak it in warm water for about 20 minutes, wash it two or three times, squeeze out the water for future use; 2.

Slice the purchased lean meat and marinate for a while with raw flour, salt and cooking oil.


Prepare loofah, daylily, and bamboo Sheng.


Boil the water in a small saucepan and add an appropriate amount of salt. Season the chicken essence and add day lily.


Then put in the loofah and cook for a few minutes.


Finally, add the marinated lean meat to a high heat and boil the lean meat to allow the lean meat to be evenly cooked.


There are also a few pieces of lettuce left to eat.


This “Daylily Loofah Lean Soup” soup is fresh and delicious, rich in nutrition, and evenly mixed with vegetarian food.

Drink health and beauty often.

Tips and tricks1, Guan Xiaowei daylily reminds you: daylily replaces dried dried vegetables, and the daylily with dark yellow and blackish ends is naturally non-added, daylily dried golden color, the appearance is very beautiful is processingPlease take note of the day lily.

.2. Add lean meat at the end so that the lean meat can be cooked until it is just cooked and soaked in the boiling hot soup. This kind of lean meat will be tender and smooth.

Leek Fried Mung Bean Sprouts —- Qingganhuo Material 200 g Spontaneous Mung Bean Sprouts and Moderate Salt Practice1.

Grab two mung beans, wash them, put them in a basin, add water bubbles, and place them away from light. About 8 hours, the beans will expand and you can put 2 soaked mung beans in a plastic or stainless steel pot with holes. BelowHole, you can drain the water, and then cover it with a basin to avoid light.

3 Mung bean sprouts, rinse the mung bean sprouts on the water every day.

Then cover with protection from light.

I usually put it in the sink at home, because the stainless steel basin with holes can just fit on the sink.

The mesh under the stainless steel allows water to pass through.

It is also breathable for about 4 days. The bean sprouts are very strong and ready to be eaten.

5 Remove the roots and whiskers of the bean sprouts. 6 Put the washed bean sprouts in hot oil. Wait until the bean sprouts become transparent. Then add the leeks cut into sections and fry.The green bean sprouts bought by Pan Xiaoshuo are really daring to eat.

So they are all sprouts.

In the process of making hair, use water like a shower every day to rinse the green bean sprouts.

Avoid light all the way.

If the beans are red, they are usually light or old beans.Once it’s ready, pick the bean sprouts clean and you’re ready to eat.

Wash the leeks and rinse them. Because of the growth characteristics of leeks, they are usually sprayed with pesticides, so they need to be washed several times.

[Maternal masturbation is really beneficial to the fetus?

[Maternal masturbation is really beneficial to the fetus?

There is no doubt that sex is the first enjoyment of life.

Moderate sex delights the body and mind, and no one can deny it.

But it is a pity that pregnant women cannot have sex easily.

It is true that for the safety of pregnant women and fetuses, it is not suitable to have sex in the early and late stages of pregnancy, so as to prevent sexual contraction of the uterus, which may lead to miscarriage or premature birth. In fact, moderate sex can be achieved during the second trimester.How intense can be.

In those days of regret, many women were still ups and downs, and they would engage in DIY by themselves.

So is it harmful for masturbation and masturbation in pregnant women?

Can I masturbate while pregnant?

Tell you: Women who know how to choose masturbation and masturbation are the smartest.

Because in general, moderate masturbation or masturbation will not cause any harm and will not cause high blood pressure. Although masturbation and masturbation will also cause uterine contraction if it is orgasm, only a few will be conducive to the health of the baby.You can rest assured DIY.