[What to do if you feel depressed]

[What to do if you feel depressed]

With the acceleration of the social rhythm, more and more people feel the pressure has increased. Every day they open their eyes and think of housing loans, car loans, and the excessive pressure on them makes them all depressed.

Nowadays, there are quite a lot of only children in the crowd, so their affordability is relatively worse than before. Some people become overwhelmed by the pressure over time.

So, what do you do with depression?

Here are some ways to help people relieve stress.

The stress is everyone’s perception of life now. It seems that everyone is living in such stress. Since we cannot change the status quo, we can take some other methods to improve our own stress.
For example, we can divert our attention, or we can participate in outdoor fitness exercises to cultivate ourselves, which are all good ways.

1. Cleaning up a messy room or office can be disturbing.

Therefore, organizing the room can improve bad mood.

For example, leave the objects scattered on the floor, pack up the things on the table, and fold the quilt neatly.


2. Forced smile When the mood is depressed, psychological stress or angry, force the smile to release bad emotions, which is good for your health.

3, wearing a blue shirt blue is a natural mood “relaxant”, which is the real reason for “looking up at the blue sky, feeling more relaxed”.

It can be seen that orange is the most irritating, and black is easy to irritate. Although red can increase human energy, it is easily disturbing.

4. Humming Songs Clinical physicians at the Norfolk-Robins Music Therapy Centre in London, UK, say that singing is the easiest way to improve your mood.

Because singing can adjust your breathing so that your entire body is performing rhythmic movements.

Whether you hum yourself or sing with friends, even just listening quietly can help you relax.

5. Intimate contact with pets. Many studies have shown that stroking animals such as cats and dogs can help lower blood pressure and stabilize heart rate, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular complications.

Deborah, a professor of psychology and an expert on the relationship between humans and animals at Queen’s University Belfast, UK?

Wells pointed out that close contact between humans and animals has an amazing soothing effect and helps the human body relieve its own stress.

6, smelling lemon scented Ohio State University research confirmed that lemon scent has anti-anxiety, soothing and analgesic effects.

Studies have found that lemon scent can indeed improve good mood, and smelling lemon flavor restores the concentration of the energy hormone “adrenaline” in the blood.

7. If you want to be in a good mood, the key is to eat well. The combination of bitter and sweet flavors (add orange juice to coffee), or the combination of soft and hard ingredients (popcorn and nuts are eaten together) can bring taste buds.Freshness, boots improve mood.

Similar foods include sweet and sour pork ribs and sweet and sour chicken nuggets in Chinese food.

After reading the introduction above, do friends know what to do if they are depressed?

Although the increase in stress is a social phenomenon now, we can go up against the current and use other methods to alleviate the consequences of this phenomenon. Don’t break yourself down because of the pressure of life, and make yourself all day long.Depressed, lasting like this, no courage to struggle upward.

So, try the little tricks described above to take yourself away from the melancholic world.

[Effects and effects of locust flower]_Benefit_Premise

[Effects and effects of locust flower]_Benefit_Premise

The locust flower is also a yellow flower. It has a certain therapeutic effect and it is more delicious. From April to May of each year, it is the time when the locust flower is open. At this time, you can pick some fresh locust flowers.It can also be eaten after drying.

Its efficacy is more, it can be said that it can cool blood to stop bleeding, and it is also good for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Efficacy and effect of Huaihuahua1, Liangxue hemostatic Huaihuahua is rich in multivitamins and minerals. It has been called a “cooling essential medicine” by doctors. It can penetrate heat and purify fire, and cool blood and stop bleeding.On the one hand, it is also very effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids blood, blood stasis, hematuria, hemorrhage, bleeding, vomiting, and bleeding. From the perspective of Western medicine, locust flower contains rutin, vesicollin / coagulant,Huaihua pear, vitamin A and other substances.

2. Improving capillaries Capillary blood vessels have a very important impact on human health. In order to maintain the normal function of capillaries and avoid capillaries that are too brittle and cause bleeding, hypertension, and diabetes, it is possible to over-intake sophora flowers.The role of initial improvement.

3, clearing the liver fire When the liver fire appears, it is easy to cause people to appear red eyes, dizziness correction phenomenon, so it can be improved by taking Huaihua instead, because Huaihua is rich in Huaihua phospholipid, glucose and glucuronic acid and gluconate, etc.These substances have anti-inflammatory effects!

4, decompression, anti-ulcer in life, many friends will have ulcer-like diseases, and Huaihua fluid injected into the intestinal cavity of rabbits, can stimulate the intestinal mucosa to increase the exudate, can be decompressed, anti-ulcer effect!

Avoid eating taboo flowers. Although it is said that locust flower is delicious, it is sweet, so it is not suitable for people with diabetes. Therefore, because steamed locust flower is not easy to digest, some friends who do n’t have a good digestive system should not overdo it.In the end, middle-aged and elderly friends and pregnant women who are allergic to sophora flowers are advised not to consume it.

Note: There are generally two types of allergies to sophora flowers. One is allergic to the pollen of sophora flowers, and the other is because the sophora flowers contain allergic substances, so after taking the sun, some redness or ulcers may appear., Usually appear within 5-20 hours after eating.

[How to make salmon eggplant rice]_Homemade salmon eggplant rice_How to make salmon eggplant rice_How to make salmon eggplant rice

[How to make salmon eggplant rice]_Homemade salmon eggplant rice_How to make salmon eggplant rice_How to make salmon eggplant rice

One’s life goes to school.

Work and get married and have children, and for most people, now the second step, the next step is the third step.

If you first arrived at the other person’s house, if you can cook a delicious meal at this time, will the impression score increase a lot?

This may solve your life-long event.

Below, I will help you to teach you how to make salmon eggplant rice.


Cut the salmon into small pieces, mix with black pepper and olive oil and marinate for 10 minutes.


Wash the tomatoes and cut into small pieces.


Add oil to a hot pan and stir-fry the marinated salmon pieces until they reach maturity and serve.


Add another egg and stir in an egg.


Add rice.


Fry until rice grains are even.


Add salmon cubes and tomatoes and stir-fry.


Add tomato sauce and salt.


Stir fry for 30 seconds and set aside.


Break up another egg into egg liquid.


Add an appropriate amount of peanut oil to the frying pan.


Pour in egg liquid evenly and spread evenly.


After the egg liquid surface has basically coagulated, add half of the egg skin to the fried rice.


Close the other half of the egg crust and fry on low heat for a while.


Squeeze some ketchup on the surface of the omelet rice.

Many people ca n’t cook anymore. After all, the development of social life and the catering industry are very developed. They basically meet our needs for food.Try the salmon and tomato sauce omelet.

[The nutritional value of carrot dumplings]_action_effect

[The nutritional value of carrot dumplings]_action_effect

Daikon radish is a plant we often see. After we harvest the radish, we will put Yingzi in the field and throw it away at will.

In fact, the nutritional value of radish dumplings is very high. Through certain cooking skills, we can fully exert its medicinal value. Radish radish dumplings clear the heat and detoxify.

So, what is the nutritional value of radish dumplings?

First, nutritional value experts said that no matter what kind of turnip tincture, there are obvious advantages in calcium supplementation.

Take the so-called soy supplement as an example. The calcium content per 100 grams of soybeans is about 191 millimeters, but the calcium content per 100 grams of carrot tincture is 350 milligrams. The calcium content is almost one of that of soybeans.Times.

In the table of nutrient elements for food, 350 mg of calcium per 100 g of carrot radish ranks first in the calcium content of all vegetables. 238 mg of radish radish contains 110 mg of calcium, and 110 mg of radish radish also contains calcium.Top in the leaderboard.

Chemical analysis proves that its main ingredients are essential oils and multivitamins, with vitamin C content of more than 40 mg per 100 grams of vegetables, followed by turnip tincture, sweet pepper, canola tip (rapeseed heart), cauliflower, cabbage, bitter gourd, and westernVegetables, green cauliflower, etc., turnip tincture is still among the best.

In addition to calcium supplements, turnip tincture also contains a variety of minerals and trace elements. It is a very nutritious vegetable, which can be a crude fiber and can also treat constipation.

In addition, radish tincture contains higher molybdenum.

Therefore, eating radish tincture often has the effect of preventing myopia, presbyopia, and cataract.

However, don’t think that the radish radish contains high calcium, and the radish will not be bad. In fact, the calcium content of each 100 grams of carrot is 86 mm. Although it grows on one body, the calcium content is 4 times as much.

Experiments have shown that those who consume radish ravioli for more than 10 days can get a marked improvement in their cramping symptoms caused by calcium deficiency.

2. Gastroliths, urinary system stones, and urate crystals (gout stones) should be eaten by people who are suitable for eating; people with calcium and vitamin C deficiency symptoms should be eaten by people with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, and cancer patientsIt should be eaten; people with seborrheic dermatitis and seborrheic hair loss should eat it; enteritis diarrhea, acute and chronic dysentery, constipation should eat it; patients with acute and chronic bronchitis, silicosis cough and sputum should eat it;Pain, impervious milk, less menstruation, and amenorrhea should be eaten.

[Is the salmon sashimi delicious]_sashimi_good or bad

[Is the salmon sashimi delicious]_sashimi_good or bad

Salmon is a relatively famous seafood product. Many people usually like to eat salmon. The meat quality of salmon is different from other fish, and the nutritional value of salmon is very high. Different parts of salmon are eaten differently., Especially the salmon sashimi is very delicious. The reason why the salmon sashimi is delicious is that the raw materials are relatively fresh, and the main raw material is fresh seashell.

Advantages and disadvantages of salmon sashimi Advantages: Fresh, well packaged, fresh and sweet salmon meat, suitable for sashimi and sushi, can eat the original flavor of fish.

Disadvantages: The outer packaging is too large, which is not conducive to thermal insulation, and the physical objects collide badly inside.

Sashimi is also a traditional food in Japan. It is a relatively “light” dish in many Japanese cuisines because it is simple in its approach and maintains the original flavor of seafood.

The material of sashimi is mainly marine fish, such as salmon, tuna and so on.

Of course, in addition to fish, there are other seafood products that can be used for sashimi, such as shrimp, fresh shellfish, sea cucumber, sea urchin, crab, etc.

Chicken breast can also be used for sashimi.

The regeneration of sashimi is generally eaten raw with special seasoning for sashimi, but some sashimi can also be eaten by charcoal baking or hot water soaking.

Raw sashimi is usually cut into thin slices and put on ice for a while, then it can be served on a plate, such as salmon sashimi; charcoal-fired sashimi is mostly used for catfish, baked first and then sliced in ice water; raw seafood passesAfter soaking in hot water and then running in cold water to cool down, the harder meat can overcome the taste.

Therefore, there are many ways to eat sashimi.

Among many sashimi, salmon sashimi is high in protein and rich in nutrients.

Salmon, also known as salmon, has a yellow-orange flesh and is a common ingredient for sashimi.

Generally, salmon is eaten at Japanese restaurants by cutting the salmon into thin slices and spreading it on ice. Diners can eat it directly or dip it in soy sauce and mustard.

Salmon sashimi is a simple sashimi. Just slice the salmon and other side dishes into ice water and freeze it. Add some lemon juice before eating, and then you can order soy sauce and mustard to eat!

Nowadays, the elderly also love to surf the Internet.

Nowadays, the elderly also love to surf the Internet.

Early in the morning, Ye Dabo, who lives in the Chaoyang District, turned on the computer and “received food” on the Internet.
This hot game among young people is now a favorite of the elderly. Ye Dabo, who is 61 years old, has also become fashionable and has become an online “farmer”.
  Don’t look at Ye Dabo’s age, the time on QQ is not short, usually like to chat with friends on QQ.
Since coming to QQ Farm, he has fallen in love with this simple and fun game.
The virtual vegetable garden orchards on the computer became a good place for him to kill time.
  Today, the retired Xiao Yao father, in addition to occasionally go out and play cards with his neighbors on weekdays, more time is to face TV and computers at home.
He said: “A few days ago, my friend taught me the QQ Farm game and I found it very fun.
Sometimes I also help the daughter’s vegetable field to remove insects and pull the grass, which is very interesting.
Yao’s children are usually busy with work, and it’s hard to get free to accompany him.
After retirement, I have more leisure time. I can only find some fun for myself. It is a favorite thing to spend time in my leisure time, and I am very happy to play.
  It is understood that this “stealing food” game originally created for young men and women is nowadays popular in the lives of the elderly.
On weekdays, children are busy with work, and grandchildren are studying, which has caused many elderly people to stay in their homes.
Many elderly people have learned to sneak out on the Internet with the help of their children or friends. Therefore, online games that have neither technical content nor can pass the time are popular among the elderly.
  But the elderly have to go online.
Although the elderly play some online games can pass the time and resolve the loneliness of the children and grandchildren, but after all, the age of the people, sitting in front of the computer for a long time is not conducive to health.
Doctors also remind the old people to pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and long-term facing the computer, it may cause cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, dry eye syndrome.
Therefore, in life, the elderly should arrange their online time reasonably, go out and walk around, participate in some entertainment and cultural activities, and integrate into the crowd, so that they can enjoy a colorful and healthy life in their later years.

Children who sleep well are not overweight

Children who sleep well are not overweight

With the weight of a child, there is a saying to remember: sleep well and lose weight.

In fact, this is also the point raised in a recent study in the British Children’s Diseases Literature.

  The Children’s Diseases Literature report from the University of England’s Medical and Science Dr. Sharad?

Tasily wrote.

In his research, he summarized some research findings on children’s sleep and weight.

  He found that there seems to be a link between lack of sleep and overweight children.

For example, lack of sleep increases “pregnancy hormones”; fatigue is also an important factor affecting body weight.

After all, when there is not enough sleep, no one has enough energy to move around and consume the heat in the body.

  Regarding how long children need to sleep, at least the specifics of each child, the National Sleep Foundation’s guidelines: 1-2 months of babies: 10 sleeps a day.

5-18 hours; 3-11 months of babies: 9-12 hours of sleep every night, 30 minutes to two hours during the day, 1-4 times a day; 1-3 years old children: 12-14 hours a dayChildren 3-5 years old: 11-13 hours a day; children 5-12 years old: 10-11 hours a day; 11-17 year olds: 8 days a week.


25 hours.

  Tasily has not identified seven suggestions in the article to help children improve sleep quality: 1.

Ensure normal daily work habits; 2.

Propose and strictly enforce bedtime and wake up time;

The bedroom environment should be quiet, dull, and relaxing, neither too hot nor too cold;

The child’s bed should be comfortably placed and used only for sleeping;

The child should be active, but he should sleep when he sleeps;

Move TVs, computers, toys, etc. out of the children’s bedroom so that they can sleep more peacefully.


Avoid letting your child eat too much before going to bed.

  For teenagers, the article also considers 7 suggestions: 1.

Do not drink caffeinated beverages after lunch; 2.

Do not get contaminated with nicotine, alcohol and drugs;

Do not engage in activities that are excessively mentally active before going to bed (a small amount of learning, texting, playing video games);

The light in the bedroom should not be too bright when sleeping at night;

When you wake up in the morning, let yourself be in the bright light; 6.

It is no problem to sleep more on weekends, but do not sleep more than two or three hours;

Don’t stay up all night.

Being late to become an urban epidemic

Being late to become an urban epidemic

If it is a disease, then being late is more likely to be a disease, especially when you are late or habitually dragging things down, it is no longer simply a bad habit.

And it may mean more serious problems.

  Being late to become an urban epidemic has become an urban epidemic, because it is a good excuse – “I’m sorry, traffic jam”, “I’m sorry, I was stopped by the boss before going out”, these are the reasons for the grandeur.

  There is a beautiful friend who is always late. She said: “It is the nature of a woman to be late.

“I suspect this is a bad habit that she was spoiled in dating men.”

I told her again and again: “Please, I am not a man. I don’t have to wait too late for a date.”

“But she still does not change her teaching, so the appointment time I reported to her will always be a quarter of an hour, so that we can arrive at about the same time.”

  I am always angry when I am late for the victim, but in fact I am often a late practitioner.

At the appointed time, I always send a text message, “I am on the subway, I will arrive soon.”

  “Immediately” is a very useful word. It has unlimited uncertainty and can give psychological comfort to the waiting person, letting him know that you will appear soon.

Of course, I feel a little regret when I am late, but it doesn’t matter. Being late is an urban epidemic. I am late this time.

The next time she was replaced, she was late, and everyone was obsessed with punctuality in the practice and victimization of being late.

  Your lateness suggests what a Russian Pravda conducted a survey that found that 24% of people are often late for work and 13% are occasionally late.

A friend said that his colleagues called him “late king.”

In order to get rid of this bad habit, he adjusted the alarm clock from 7 am to 6:30, but it still didn’t help.


Before going out, he always had to look in the mirror repeatedly to see if the shirt was flat, and repeatedly check the socket, gas and windows.

  Even if you wake up early, it only increases the number of inspections.

This type of person always sets a mandatory procedure for himself. Only when this procedure is completed can another thing be done in a down-to-earth manner.


We classify it as obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  In addition, some late lovers are another kind of coercion.

They set themselves a “bottom line” and will watch the watch go out. If the heart is scheduled to go out at 7:30, even at 7:24, you will want to let them out of the house.

Once the road encounters an unexpected situation, it is inevitable to be late.

  Burnout of work is also a big reason for being late, especially those who are looking for reasons for being late.

The survey showed that 1/5 latecomers wrote stories to explain the reasons for being late.

Among them, some stories are extremely bizarre, such as “I dreamed of being fired, so I didn’t get up in a hurry.” “I didn’t find a suitable tie, so I bought a piece after the mall opened the door.”

This reflects their dissatisfaction with the boring work, or the lack of timely relief after encountering difficulties, and substituting a substitute for work.

  The disease hidden behind being late is often late, maybe not simply as late, it may mean more serious mental illness, if you are often late or someone around you, it is worth taking some time to think about the cause: depression.
Depression, depression, irritability, changes in sleep and diet also bring about a decline in attention and physical fitness.

So people with depression have a habit that is often late, but it is complicated with other symptoms rather than a single symptom.

Similarly, patients with depression will behave in a variety of ways, not just at work or late for a date with friends.

  Attention deficit disorder.

Attention deficits can often be late, and people with attention deficits often find keys before going out, forget about dating or even get lost because their attention is difficult to concentrate.

  Alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abusers are often late or procrastinated because of poor sleep quality and lack of energy.

  Take off the hat of “The King of the Late” and prepare a “Dating” diary and take it with you.

Verbal commitments make it easier for you to forget, lax and not worthy, so you can find excuses to be late or even push away.And if you record every appointment you have promised in your diary, you will be aware of them and will be more likely to deliver on those promises.

  Set a “roadblock” for late arrival.

Admit that you are not a good time predictor and planner, so be sure to prepare in advance, preferably 10 minutes ahead of the original plan.
Start action in 15 minutes, so being late will no longer be your damage.

  Make good planning every day.

When you always have to end the day, you can steal a little time to send out the last email.

This shows that you are a looser person with no good time concept.

Try to plan well every day.

Slowly you will find that loose no longer controls you, or you are controlling your life.

  Wear a watch.

If you can see the time and minute of your appointment, and you don’t arrive at the date on time, the tension and pressure may be your motivation for the future, so that you are no longer late.

  Learn to empathize.

Imagine yourself as someone who has waited for you, or arrive early, to experience the fear of waiting for others, maybe you will not be late.

  Breaking through the bad habits is a victory for you and those you love.

So don’t start this battle.

From now on, bravely fight against being late.

Parents must see, infants and young children have bronchitis care points

Parents must see, infants and young children have bronchitis care points

If the child coughs a few times a day and does not have a fever, most of them are physiological coughs and not bronchitis.

Physiological cough is a normal reaction of people. As parents, don’t worry, just don’t let your child be cold, hot, and pay attention to wearing clothes.

Don’t think that a cough is thought to be bronchitis.

If the child coughs and coughs for a period of one to two consecutive days, and has a strong snoring, but does not have a fever.

This needs to be brought to the attention of parents, especially children under the age of 3, when there is a certain bronchitis.

Parents who are not attentive and inexperienced can go to the hospital to let the doctor quote whether the bronchial inflammation is caused, and then prescribe the right medicine.

I suggest that children who have never been drunk before this should try not to drip, let the doctor prescribe a potion, and then take care at home.

Experienced parents and children coughing is not very powerful, you can give your child something like pediatric amoxicillin clavulanic acid potassium granules anti-inflammatory drugs plus cough phlegm, such as easy to calm, you can usually give more childrenDrink some water, which is good for phlegm.

If you haven’t seen the effect for two consecutive days, you must take it to the hospital to hang it.

Cough, cough, fever, gasping, if there are two of these three symptoms, it may have bronchial pneumonia or even pneumonia.

Most of the children with bronchial pneumonia and pneumonia are in the bronchitis stage. The parents did not pay attention, did not care, did not control well, and the condition deteriorated.

Children who have bronchial pneumonia or pneumonia are generally hospitalized for treatment.

This makes it easy for doctors to observe the progress of the disease and then treat it symptomatically.

The course of bronchial pneumonia or pneumonia is generally 7 days to 15 days, depending on the severity of the condition.

At this time, the doctor asks for the drip, atomization and even sucking, and the parents should actively cooperate so that the baby will be good.

If you have a fever, pay more attention to your baby’s temperature.

Such a thing will make your lover sweep

Such a thing will make your lover “sweep”

In love, there will always be some anecdotes, very amused.
I hugged for a long time with my lover. When I was about to kiss, I found that a garlic sprout was hanging in the other’s teeth. It was very vivid.
On a special day, the woman went to bed early, dressed in new underwear waiting for the man, until late at night, and finally fell asleep, the man finally came back, but with a bottle of alcohol, bathingIf you don’t wash, you will stink and fall on the bed.
I bought a very beautiful dress, specially dressed in front of a man, and wanted to attract his attention. As a result, the man did not see it.
The woman was anxious later, pulling the man to ask him to see what changed.
The man looked at the woman up and down for a long time, and finally said carefully: You are getting fat.
Inadvertently found a very good song, could not help but recommend to the people next to him.
I didn’t expect that person to say: This, I heard it a few years ago.
I finally made a tofu block in the newspaper, folded it on the colleague’s desk, and wanted to attract the attention of my colleagues.
After a long while, the newspaper was opened, but it was full of wet melon seeds and apple skin.
On the train, I met the fascinating MM. I was very helpful when I got off the train. When I got off the train, I also helped MM to carry my luggage. As a result, MM walked out of the platform, but she rushed to pick up her handsome guy’s arms.
The girl who looks very handsome, smiles and reveals a toothy tooth, which is very disappointing.
The sweet hostess on the radio listened to her show every night, but one day she accidentally saw her, short and ugly, and she was disappointed.
Listening to her program in the evening, I felt very disappointing.
People who once loved, suddenly called, talked about the past, talked about the situation, was chatting with some sweet moments, the other side turned and borrowed money.
The writers I liked for many years did not move, but suddenly made a new work, divided into two volumes, and quickly bought to see.
It is a bit disappointing to read the book, and it will be even more disappointing when the book is finished.