[Home-made practice of salty porridge]_How to do_Practice Daquan

[Home-made practice of salty porridge]_How to do_Practice Daquan

Porridge is popular in many parts of the north, and drinking porridge in the morning is a habit.

There are many ways to make porridge. Depending on the taste, porridge can be divided into ordinary light porridge and salty porridge.

The salty porridge is easier to swallow, it may not need other dishes to match, a bowl of salty porridge can make our meal.

So, what is the common practice of salty porridge?

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular practices.

Method 1 Material: 1 cup of rice, half a catty of ribs, 3 mushrooms, 1/3 taro, sliced carrots, put in celery, 8 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of salt, and proper amount of pepper.

Wash rice and pork ribs, cut carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and taro into diced.


Add all the ingredients to the inner pot of Datong electric pot, put 1 cup of water in the outer pot, cook until the switch jumps, and then stuffy for 5 minutes, add seasoning.

Method two: Rice, kelp, peanuts, preserved eggs, and greens.

Peanut rice has blisters for more than 3 hours 2.

Shred brown eggs, shred green vegetables 3.

Wash the rice and boil it over high heat. Cook over low heat. Slowly add kelp, peanuts, preserved eggs, and a spoonful of oil when it is slightly sticky. When the porridge is thick, add greens, season with salt and cook.Tips on how to make salty porridge in 2 minutes ① Sticky rice is more sticky. You can mix glutinous rice with ordinary rice according to each taste, the ratio is 1: 1; ② soaking glutinous rice can greatly shorten the cooking time; ③ sticky rice is very stickyTherefore, when pouring glutinous rice and stir-fry, you must prevent the paste pan; ④ dried squid can be replaced by shredded squid shreds, salami is the finishing touch; ⑤ can be directly replaced with water without soup; ⑥ because of the use of glutinous rice,Finally, when cooking porridge, stir from time to time to prevent low paste; ⑦ You can also add shrimp and so on according to your own taste; ⑧ glutinous rice is not easy to digest, causing gastritis, duodenum, gastroenteritis and other symptoms should eat less.

[How do children cook shrimp?

】 _Children_How to do

[How do children cook shrimp?
】 _Children_How to do

The nutritional health of children is a very important issue. Generally, children need to be supplemented with appropriate nutrition to ensure the growth of children. Supplemental nutrition must eat foods with higher nutritional value. For example, shrimp is a veryDelicious food, most young children are very fond of it, let’s take a look at how to eat shrimp for children?

I hope everyone can understand.

Shrimp is rich in potassium, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals and vitamin A, which is a great vitamin for children.

The practice for children to eat shrimp is as follows: 1. Remove the shells and shrimps from the shrimp and cut off the back. Scratch and wash with salt several times to drain the water.

2. Peel the peas and immerse them in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, then rinse them with cold water to remove the fishy smell.

3, shrimp cooking wine, salt, pepper, egg white and so on, marinate for more than 10 minutes.

4. Add the ginger flakes to the oil pan for fragrant.

5. Stir-fry the shrimps until the shrimps become discolored.

6. Stir-fry the peas in a clean pan for a while and season with some salt.

7. Put the shrimps back into the pot, stir fry with the peas until the flavor is mixed, and add a little sugar to taste.

The practice of children eating shrimp two: 1, prawn only take shrimp, pick the shrimp line.

2. Add shrimp paste to the blender, and add seasoning together.

You can add an egg white or a little water for the prawn paste.

3, then add salt and mix well, marinate and taste.

4. Wash and peel the tomatoes and chop them for later use.

5. Take a heart-shaped mold, brush a layer of oil on the mold parts, add it to the pan and fill it with shrimp paste, and spread it into a heart shape.

6, remove the mold, the heart-shaped shrimp cake blank is ready, because the oil was brushed on the mold before, so the shrimp paste will not stick everywhere is destroyed.

7, fry the shrimp cakes.

8. Add seasoning oil to the pan, fry the crushed tomatoes, then add an appropriate amount of canned tomato sauce, add a little water, salt, and sugar to taste.

9. Finally, add the fried heart-shaped shrimp cakes to let the shrimp cakes taste.

It’s really delicious, both adults and children will love it.

[How does frozen strawberry work?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How does frozen strawberry work?
】 _How to do_How to do

Strawberry is a fruit that many children like to eat, and its vitamins are also very rich. The most important thing is that its sweet taste is very suitable for the public.

The use of strawberries to make frozen strawberries is actually not only good-looking, but also can increase the texture and taste of the food.

The composition of frozen strawberries is still very simple. Friends who have time can try it out.

Ingredients: strawberry, sugar, cold water.

Method one: 1. Wash the strawberry and remove the pedicle; 2. Mix the sugar water with 40% concentration and mix thoroughly; 3. Put the washed strawberry into the sugar water and soak for 5 minutes; 4. Remove the strawberry and drain the water;5. Put the processed strawberries in a container, and put them in the freezer of the refrigerator to freeze (if quick freezing is better).

Ingredients: strawberry, sugar, cold water.

Method two: 1. Wash the strawberry and remove the pedicle; 2. Mix the sugar water with 40% concentration and mix thoroughly; 3. Put the washed strawberry into the sugar water and soak for 5 minutes; 4. Remove the strawberry and drain the water;5. Put the processed strawberries in a container, and put them in the freezer of the refrigerator to freeze (if quick freezing is better).

Note 1: The main function of bubble sugar water is to ensure the quality of strawberries when thawing.

It can also increase the flavor of strawberries and help preserve the aroma.

If it is troublesome, you can also mix the strawberry with fine sugar and freeze it; 2. The concentration of sugar water is between 30-50%; 3. The frozen strawberry can be left for at least half a year (it can be placed in minus 18 seconds after being frozen)One year).

Bank of Ningbo (002142) 1H19 Results Express Review Comments: Outstanding Performance Continues to Demonstrate Bright Growth

Bank of Ningbo (002142) 1H19 Results Express Review Comments: Outstanding Performance Continues to Demonstrate Bright Growth

Event: On July 18, the Bank of Ningbo announced the 1H19 performance report, and 1H19 achieved net profit of 68.

4.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.

0%; revenue 161.

920,000 yuan, +19 year-on-year.

7%; annualized ROE is 19.

35%, down by 1 every year.

06 averages.

Opinion: Revenue continues to grow rapidly, and revenue for 1H19 continues to increase by 19.


19Q2 single-quarter revenue increased by 10 in ten years.

2%, a slight decrease from the previous month.


The interest rate spread is expected to be stable in the second quarter.

The decline in ROE was mainly due to the dilutive effect of convertible bonds to equity in the first half of the 深圳桑拿网 year.

The scale is growing rapidly, and the growth of deposits is bright.

Total assets reached 1 at the end of June.

2 trillion, an increase of 8 from the beginning of the year.

0%, a faster growth; deposits increased earlier by the end of June.

4%, the semi-annual deposit increase of 112.5 billion, has exceeded the 18-year incremental increase, or the company’s initiative to increase deposit marketing efforts in the context of intensified core deposit competition.

The unfavorable low level is stable, and the provision for release of profits is large.

The non-performing rate at the end of June was 0.

78%, unchanged from the previous month; provision coverage ratio of 522%, or maintain the highest level of listed banks.

Taking into account the non-standard assets provision rate reached 2 at the end of 2018.

6%, full-caliber risk resistance supplementary, provision for release of profitable space.

Investment suggestion: The performance is in line with expectations, and we continue to be optimistic about high growth. (1) Interim results are in line with expectations.

The growth of deposits is dazzling, supporting scale expansion, and volume and price increases have steadily pushed up revenue growth.

Considering the high provision level of the whole mouth, there is ample room for profit release.

(2) Continue to be optimistic about the company’s high ROE growth attributes.

Under the regional advantages and market-oriented operating mechanism, the Bank of Ningbo’s unique small and medium-sized enterprise hosting bank, positioning of individual mid-to-high-end customer groups, has brought broad profit growth space.

Moreover, the company’s risk control capabilities continued to stand out, and it has withstood the test of a bad upward cycle of the hurricane.

(3) In the second half of the year, it is expected that the convertible bonds will be successively converted into shares and the issuance of 8 billion yuan will be completed, which will further increase the capital strength and dilute the ROE level in the short term, but it will help the company’s group development in the medium and long term.

At present, the wealth management subsidiary has been approved for establishment.

(4) With the large-scale retail business maintaining medium-to-high-speed growth, light capital diversified development promoting the proportion of middle-income income, and risk control capabilities continuing to be prominently replaced, we expect the company’s net profit growth rate to be 18 in 19-20

8%, 18.

2%, corresponding to a BVPS of 13.

87, 16.

18 yuan per share, giving the company’s city commercial bank a leading valuation of 1.

8 times 19-year PB, corresponding to a target price of 25.14 yuan / share.

Risk warning: Sino-U.S. Trade frictions cause a sharp decline in the regional economy; changes in regulatory policies exceed expectations.

4 Nikko-based 4 days!

CCB China Merchants Yongying Science and Technology Theme Fund Crashes Gold

4 “Nikko-based” 4 days!

CCB China Merchants Yongying Science and Technology Theme Fund Crashes Gold

Science and technology theme fund crazy money!

Four “Nikko-based” four days, the online sales of the channel broke the new economy e-line during the extraordinary period of explosive funds unexpectedly gathered.

  On February 15, 2020, the CCB Fund announced the announcement of the subscription confirmation ratio of the CCB Technology Innovation Hybrid Securities Investment Fund.

According to the “Announcement on the Issuance of Shares of the Jianxin Technology Innovation Hybrid Securities Investment Fund”, the fund’s first fundraising scale was RMB 1 billion (excluding the interest rate during the fundraising period).

  The fund manager may appropriately adjust the fundraising time according to the subscription situation and make a timely announcement, but the longest shall not exceed the statutory fundraising period.

As of February 13, 2020, the amount of temporary valid subscription applications raised by the Fund has exceeded the limit of US $ 1 billion.

  According to the provisions of this Fund’s issuance announcement, the CCB Fund’s subscription application on February 13, 2020 was partially confirmed using the doomsday ratio confirmation method.

The Fund’s subscription application confirmation ratio result on February 13, 2020 was 13.


  It is known that in the short period of one day after the issuance of CCB Technology Innovation, the inflow of subscription funds from investors has reached 74.

700 million.

In fact, this is also the third “Nikko-based” that appeared in the four days from February 10th to 13th.

Statistics show that CCB Technology Innovation, China Merchants Technology Innovation and Yongying Technology Driven these three “Nikko-based” companies have attracted more than 25 billion funds to subscribe.

  At the same time, CCB Science and Technology Innovation is the first batch of science and technology theme funds to obtain a “birth certificate” since 2020.

The Air Force, Guolian An, China Life Security, and Puyin Ansheng Fund each have a three-year closed operation science and technology theme fund approved.

  ”Currently, this special period is a comprehensive test of the fund’s ability to sell online.

However, recently there have been news of new funds issuing explosive funds.

It can be seen that the preliminary test results are satisfactory, and the online sales system of the channel has been initially mature, and has gradually passed the major test.

“Yes, some market people have told the new economy e-line.

  The science and technology theme fund crazyly attracted new economic e-line noticed that although the market fluctuated sharply on the first trading day of the year of the mouse, it subsequently reversed strongly.

In essence, fund issuance is in full swing, and a fund bull market is coming.

  In particular, the science and technology theme fund has reproduced the hot scene of crazy money absorption last year.

In addition to CCB Technology Innovation, China Merchants Technology Innovation and Yongying Technology Drivers issued in the same week were “sold out in one day”.

  On February 10, China Merchants Technology Innovation Mixed single-day gold absorption far exceeded the 1 billion raise limit. The fund company announced that it would close the fundraising in advance and open the proportion placement, becoming the first “Nikko-based” company of the week;The technology-driven hybrid officially launched on February 12. It also attracted a large amount of capital inflow that day and exceeded the 8 billion raise limit set by the fund. Without exception, it announced the opening of proportional placement.

  It is reported that China Merchants Technology Innovation Subscription Application Confirmation Proportion Result Announcement indicates that the company will partially confirm the application of “Doomsday Proportion Confirmation” for the subscription application on February 10, 2020.

The fund’s subscription application confirmation ratio result on February 10, 2020 was 12.


Calculated based on the maximum scale of 10 trillion raised by the fund, the day’s subscription funds reached 78.

500 million yuan.

  Similarly, the announcement of Yongying Technology-driven subscription application confirmation ratio announcement shows that the fund’s effective subscription application confirmation ratio on February 12, 2020 is 82.

118683%, corresponding to 97 subscription funds.

400 million yuan.

  High-level, last year the first batch of science and technology theme funds of the wholesale bank noticed that the number of 1 billion raised limit was set, too many science and technology theme funds were “sold in one day” at the time of issue, the average number of subscribers exceeded 200,000, and the fund was raised on a single dayWith a scale of more than tens of billions of dollars, the fund share that can be obtained by placing in a relative proportion, this type of fund has also become the hottest “explosion product” in the past year.

  Among them, Huaxia, South, Rich Country, Huitianfu, and Harvest combined 5 science and technology theme funds, which eventually led to the pursuit of hundreds of billions of funds, the scale of all-day subscriptions exceeded 10 billion US dollars, and the fund subscriptions exceeded 20 billion US dollars.

By the end of last year, the Guangfa technology innovation mix managed by Liu Gezhen was “sold out in one day”, and the single-day subscription amount exceeded 30.3 billion.

  With the rise of technology stock market since last year, the theme fund of science and technology funds has made an outstanding effect.As of February 12 this year, of the 19 science and technology theme funds established last year, the best-performing Southern Science and Technology Innovation Hybrid Fund has achieved 79.

87% of the returns, E Fund Technology Innovation, Huaxia Science and Technology Innovation, Harvest Scientific and Technological Innovation, and other 12 funds since the establishment of 12 funds have more than 30%.

  In addition, the star fund manager’s “in command” is also an important incentive for some fund explosions to reappear.

For example, Yongying Technology Driven Fund Manager Li Yongxing was originally a veteran of the Bank of Communications. His management wins profit and wins. Winwin is leading the way. When the winwin high-end manufacturing is established, the Shanghai Stock Index index is around 3,000. For each productSince the establishment of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index, they have all fallen, but these funds have still achieved good investment excellence.

  Take Yongying Huitianli as an example. In the nearly 20 months since its establishment at the end of May 2018, the fund has returned nearly 80%, and in the past 6 quarters, it has beaten the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 every quarter.Shows good stability of investment returns.

  According to the announcement of the fund’s issuance, Huaxia Xiangyang will be opened for two years, Bank of Communications Schroderius for three years, Ruiyuan’s balanced value for three years and other funds will be led by star managers. The release of these equity funds in the next week will be subject toAffected by the market, the initial materials may trigger a new wave of funds explosion.

  Among them, Bank of Communications Schroder’s Bank of Communications Schroder Reiss, a three-year closed-operation hybrid fund, was launched on February 17, with a fund distribution of 50 billion yuan and a doomsday ratio placement. Fund manager Shen Nan since May 5, 2015Since then, he has served as a fund manager. Currently, he manages the preferred combination of BOCOM themes. The BOCOM state-owned enterprise reform flexibly allocates and mixes two funds. Since May 5, 2015, he managed the BOCOM themed preferred funds. His term of return has been 98.


  Immediately following the three-year blend of Ruiyuan’s value equilibrium value issued on February 18, it was even more eye-catching. In addition to deducting 60 billion, a doomsday proportional placement, and each subscription fund locked for three years, the proposed fund manager Zhao FengHe also announced a high-profile self-purchase of 30 million, and the fund manager’s self-purchased funds were locked for 4 years, and he did not participate in the placement.

  The sale of explosive rockets on the online channel has a sudden new coronavirus epidemic that affects everyone’s heart. The situation of new fund raising since the opening of the Spring Festival has also attracted much attention.

  However, China Merchants Bank’s channel-based channels used their strong online sales channels to kick off the post-holiday explosion fund launch.

On February 6th, as the first explosive fund in the New Year in 2020, Penghua’s value growth ended with an initial launch of nearly 7 billion in advance.

  It is reported that in the past, the establishment of explosive funds in the past was a custom fund for China Merchants Bank and Penghua Fund.

Initially, the successful launch of Penghua Value Growth Fund in one day was an effective exploration and practice of the marketing model of China’s public equity fund industry during the extreme event period, and also confirmed the strong online sales capabilities of various channel partners such as China Merchants Bank.

  Penghua Fund related persons told the New Economy e-line that China Merchants Bank has a strict screening mechanism for retail funds. The customized requirements of China Merchants Bank are to conduct long-term review and in-depth research. Only the fund managers and products they really recognize will have the intention of further cooperation.

  ”China Merchants Bank, based on its in-depth understanding and grasp of customer needs, uses data coverage as the basis and qualitative research as its core method to identify outstanding fund managers in the entire market.

“, Said the relevant person of the above-mentioned Penghua Fund.

  This person is outstanding. This issuance of the explosive fund reflects the power of the bank’s channels to “examine the outstanding fund managers of the entire market-listed fund products-product issuance-after-sale investment consulting”.

  Similarly, on February 7 this year, Oriental Red Hengyang, the fund custodian of China Merchants Bank, started to issue mixed funds for five years. This is the launch of a five-year closed product by Oriental Red Asset Management after more than one year.

On the same day, data from China Merchants Bank and other channels showed that the product’s omni-channel sales have exceeded 9 billion, and a doomsday placement will be carried out.

  This is also the first fund product to sell more than one day since the market opened in the Year of the Rat.

On February 12, the announcement of the confirmation ratio of the subscription application disclosed by the fund showed that the effective subscription amount on the first day of issue reached 92.

300 million, with a placement ratio of 21.


  Democracy. In the management of Dongfanghong assets managed by China Merchants Bank, it is divided into a series of Dongfanghong products. For example, the growth of Dongfanghong ‘s domestic demand was 10 billion yuan a day on the opening day, of which China Merchants Bank sold 8.9 billion US dollars, accounting for nearly 90%; DongfanghongRuifeng also achieved a daily sales of 9.5 billion, of which China Merchants Bank sold a total of about 8.5 billion, accounting for close to 90%.

Today, Dongfanghong has become a golden signboard of China Merchants Bank’s channel, and it has given China Merchants Bank more power to speak on behalf of funds.

  ”In order to usher in a ‘starter’, reseller banks often expand their marketing efforts in the first quarter to accelerate the collection of new funds.

“Successors in the market told the New Economy e-line.

  It is reported that, including China Merchants Bank and CITIC Securities’ supplementary banks, the brokerage channel has begun to notify customers one by one, creating a three-year mixed momentum for the forthcoming Ruiyuan value equilibrium value.

  It can be said that the top five commercial banks, including those within China Merchants Bank, have become difficult to shake “predators” in the fund consignment business.

As of the end of 2019, according to the scale of the first fundraising during the period, the top five fund custodian banks were Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, SPDB, China Construction Bank, and Bank of Jiangsu, respectively, reaching 1846.

200 million, 1739.

700 million, 1464.

700 million, 1242.

3.1 billion, 1162.

0.8 billion yuan.

The reason is that its main advantages are that it has many business outlets and a well-developed sales network.

At the same time, online banking customers have a high utilization rate, and customers can purchase funds directly from online banking.

  According to Wind statistics, as of February 14th, among all fund custodians, according to the scale of funds established and established, China Merchants Bank has been established with 17 funds this year, with a scale of 366.

600 million yuan topped the list.  Construction Bank was followed by 17 funds with a fundraising scale of 286.

200 million yuan.

And Minsheng Bank was established with 7 funds, ranking third in the scale of 27.1 billion.

There are three remaining funds raised above 10 billion US dollars, 杭州桑拿洗浴会所 namely Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, and SPD Bank, each with 260.

300 million, 15.5 billion, 12.7 billion.

  Breaking news / submission / cooperation: netfin888 @ 126.

com and leave your contact information.

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[Efficacy and contraindications of Panax notoginseng tea]_Benefits_Dangers

[Efficacy and contraindications of Panax notoginseng tea]_Benefits_Dangers

Panax notoginseng tea is more famous, it is a very good health and health tea, it has a good effect of clearing heat and removing fire, and also has a good effect in detoxifying liver and improving liver function. Usually drinking regularly can improve the body’s immunity.It can resist fatigue. In addition, it also has certain hemostatic and anti-cancer effects. Regular drinking has a certain cosmetic effect. Let’s take a look at this.

The efficacy and contraindications of panax notoginseng should be familiar to many people. Many people like to use panax notoginseng to make tea and drink, and it has very good flat liver, clearing heat and detoxifying eyesight.And antihypertensive and analgesic effects, in addition, for a variety of high blood pressure, migraine and a series of good therapeutic effects.

Today, Xiaobian came to talk with everyone about the efficacy of drinking water with Sanqihua, let’s find out!

Let’s take a look at the specific effects of Sanqihua soaked water and related alternative taboos with the author!

Efficacy of Panax notoginseng 1. With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, people are very prone to irritability and irritability. Drinking and drinking Panax notoginseng tea can reduce people’s anger, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating anger.
2. Detoxification of Panax notoginseng with drinking water can detoxify the metabolism of the human liver. For some people who like to drink for a long time, they can detoxify liver by drinking Panax notoginseng tea.

3. Improving immunity. Drinking the water of Panax notoginseng drinking water can reduce our body’s immunity against diseases and strengthen its resistance to bacteria and viruses.

4. Anti-fatigue The saponin of life in Panax notoginseng tea is enough to resist the fatigue and anti-aging effects of the human body, and can reduce free radicals. It is also a health tea for women’s beauty.

5. Hemostasis contained in Panax notoginseng tea has hemostatic and anti-cancer effects on the body; it is an excellent herbal tea.

The taboo of drinking water with Panax notoginseng 1. Drinking with caution in the cold population; 2. Female menstrual period should not be included; 3. It should not be taken with other flower tea; 4. It should not be put too much at once, about three or five. Drinking Panax notoginseng tea often has these five benefits to the body, but you must pay attention to these four taboos

[What kind of drink to eat crab?

]_How to drink_How to drink

[What kind of drink to eat crab?
]_How to drink_How to drink

There are many types of crabs throughout the country. The more common are hairy crabs, as well as river crabs in water, sea crabs living in the sea, and river crabs living in river ditch. They are produced in different waters.The taste of crabs is not the same. Everyone should learn to choose according to their own conditions, and pay attention to the diet of crabs. So what kind of drink is better when eating crabs?

What drink to eat crab?
The rich amino acids and esters in Crab with rice wine and rice wine have a taste effect. The alcohol in it can remove fishy smell and the sweet taste can increase the freshness.

Therefore, the freshness of crabs and sweetness of rice wine are a perfect match.

From a health point of view, crabs are a great cold food. People who suffer from dehydration often have abdominal pain and diarrhea after eating crabs.

If paired with Huoxue Quhan liquor, it can reduce or eliminate the discomfort after eating crabs.

Although rice wine is best served with crab, white wine with crab is equally appropriate.

Drinking beer while eating seafood can raise blood uric acid levels and induce gout. Cold beer begins to reduce perfusion function, which can easily lead to diarrhea.

Red wine contains too much tannin, and eating it with crabs can cause gastrointestinal upset and taste.

Crabs belong to the great cold and can bring coldness to the body, so do not drink frozen drinks.

Especially for patients with gout, those with high uric acid can’t drink beer when eating seafood.

In medicine, a large amount of seafood and a large amount of VC are equivalent to poison, which can be lethal.

At the same time, crabs are seafood and are susceptible to allergies.

It is best not to mix with other things when eating crabs, to prevent harmful harm to the body.

There are also extra points to pay attention to when eating crabs. Crabs are cold foods and should not be consumed too much at one time, otherwise discomfort such as abdominal pain and diarrhea are prone to occur, and the body is cold, the spleen and stomach are weak.Eat so as not to get worse.

It is not advisable to eat fruits before and after eating crabs, which may cause protein precipitation, so it may easily cause discomfort such as abdominal distension and abdominal pain.

It is not advisable to drink tea before or after eating crabs, otherwise the protein in the crabs will coagulate, which will not only reduce the nutritional value, but also easily cause gastrointestinal upset.

[Efficacy and Effect of Eugenol]_Benefits_Premise

[Efficacy and Effect of Eugenol]_Benefits_Premise

Eugenol is a kind of liquid with syringol smell, does not decompose water, and is an essential fragrance ingredient in many perfumes and cosmetics. Of course, it can also be used as a food flavor with many functions.The edible flavor can also be used to modulate many flower essential oils, can be used to modulate carnation type flavors, and can be used to blend the flavor of nuts.


Antibacterial and lower blood pressure.

Eugenol has a strong bactericidal effect, and has a local antiseptic effect.


It can be used in perfume flavors, various cosmetic flavors and soap flavor formulations, and can also be used as a blend of edible flavors.

Eugenol has a strong dianthus musk odor, and is the basis for blending Kang and Qi series flavors. It is used in the blending of flavors such as makeup, soap and food.


Eugenol is an intermediate of some other spices, derived from isoeugenol, methyleugenol, methylisoeugenol, acetoeugenol, acetoeugenol, benzylisoeugenol, and the like.

When eugenol is heated in potassium hydroxide, the double bond of the propylene group is rearranged to convert the α-butyl group conjugated to the benzene ring to obtain isoeugenol. After acetylation and mild oxidation, the α-naphthyl groupThe base is broken to obtain vanillin, which is the main component of an important artificial flavoring agent.

Eugenol is used to make isoniazid, a specific drug for treating tuberculosis.


It is a body scent blended with carnation flowers.

It is widely used in fragrances such as Xiangwei, and can be used as a modifier and fixative.

Can be used for many floral fragrances such as roses.

It can also be used in spicy, woody and oriental, aroma, or edible spicy, mint, nut, various fruit, date and other flavors and tobacco flavors.


Eugenol has a strong dianthus musk odor, and is the basis for blending Kang and Qi series flavors. It is used in the blending of flavors such as makeup, soap and food.

Eugenol has a strong bactericidal effect, can be used as a local analgesic for caries, and has a local antiseptic effect.

Eugenol is an intermediate of some other spices. Derivatives include isoeugenol, methyleugenol, methylisoeugenol, acetoeugenol, acetoin, eugenol, and benzyl isoeugenol.

Eugenol is heated in potassium hydroxide.


It is used to formulate carnation-type flavors and to make isoeugenol and vanillin. It also uses pesticides and preservatives.

GB 2760—96 stipulates that it is allowed to be used as food flavor.

Mainly used in the preparation of smoked ham, nuts and spices.

It is also the main raw material for the synthesis of vanillin.


Eugenol is a pre-approved edible flavor. It is mainly used for the preparation of peppermint, nuts, spicy food flavors and tobacco flavors. The dosage is based on normal production needs.

[Peach gum and white fungus]_How to cook_How to cook

[Peach gum and white fungus]_How to cook_How to cook

Peach gum and Tremella are two of the more common ingredients in our lives. We mainly use these two ingredients to make syrup, which can make beauty and blood and qi, and other functions.For bubble dipping, peach gum needs 12 hours of foaming, while white fungus only needs 2 hours. Everyone should know how to make peach gum white fungus sugar water.

The efficacy and function of peach gum Tremella fuciformis. The efficacy of peach gum Tremella fuciformis is beneficial to qi and blood. Many people in our lives will have insufficient blood due to the pressure of life and work. The proportion of women is relatively higher than that of men.It is much larger, which is mainly related to women’s physical fitness. Because many female friends are cold, they are prone to lack of qi and blood.

When taking peach gum, you should choose good quality. The peach gum can expand about ten times after foaming, and the taste is still very Q-elastic and chewy. The peach gum with clear yellow color and no impurities is the best peach gum. After taking it,It has a better nourishing effect on the body. After the child is born or during menstruation, the chance of insufficient blood and blood is very high. Therefore, blood and blood need to be replenished.This effect, and its effect is very good, so it is recommended that those female friends with insufficient blood and blood, should properly eat peach gum Tremella to regulate the body in order to avoid all kinds of discomfort caused by insufficient blood and blood.

2. Peach gum white fungus has the effect of supplementing collagen. Many friends should know that collagen is an important part of our human bones and skin. It is the most abundant protein in our body. The main role of collagen is to maintain skin.It is smooth and moist and maintains the health of the body. If the content of collagen in our body is insufficient, we may have symptoms such as dry and split fur, dull and dull skin, and large loss of water and calcium. This is very detrimental to our health.Peach gum Tremella is rich in collagen, which can be used regularly to effectively adjust the collagen content in our body.

3. Peach Tremella Tremella has the effect of nourishing yin and beauty. Peach Tremella Tremella has a good effect on blood and qi, beauty and beauty. If you add soap angle rice when taking Peach Tremella, the effect will be better.This method of eating is very suitable for female friends.

What is the method of peach gum Tremella? First of all, we need to prepare 40g of peach gum to soak for 12 hours the night before, soak the peach gum soft, and use 3 Tremella for 6 hours in boiling water.After that, remove the roots, prepare 50g of red dates, wash them, and then you can start to stew. When you stew, pay attention to the order of placement. At the beginning, we need to put Tremella in the pot and add an appropriate amount of water to stew for one hour.Add the washed 50g red dates, add red dates and simmer for an hour, finally add the peach gum and rock sugar prepared in advance, boil over high heat, and simmer on low heat for half an hour.

[Is the salmon sashimi delicious]_sashimi_good or bad

[Is the salmon sashimi delicious]_sashimi_good or bad

Salmon is a relatively famous seafood product. Many people usually like to eat salmon. The meat quality of salmon is different from other fish, and the nutritional value of salmon is very high. Different parts of salmon are eaten differently., Especially the salmon sashimi is very delicious. The reason why the salmon sashimi is delicious is that the raw materials are relatively fresh, and the main raw material is fresh seashell.

Advantages and disadvantages of salmon sashimi Advantages: Fresh, well packaged, fresh and sweet salmon meat, suitable for sashimi and sushi, can eat the original flavor of fish.

Disadvantages: The outer packaging is too large, which is not conducive to thermal insulation, and the physical objects collide badly inside.

Sashimi is also a traditional food in Japan. It is a relatively “light” dish in many Japanese cuisines because it is simple in its approach and maintains the original flavor of seafood.

The material of sashimi is mainly marine fish, such as salmon, tuna and so on.

Of course, in addition to fish, there are other seafood products that can be used for sashimi, such as shrimp, fresh shellfish, sea cucumber, sea urchin, crab, etc.

Chicken breast can also be used for sashimi.

The regeneration of sashimi is generally eaten raw with special seasoning for sashimi, but some sashimi can also be eaten by charcoal baking or hot water soaking.

Raw sashimi is usually cut into thin slices and put on ice for a while, then it can be served on a plate, such as salmon sashimi; charcoal-fired sashimi is mostly used for catfish, baked first and then sliced in ice water; raw seafood passesAfter soaking in hot water and then running in cold water to cool down, the harder meat can overcome the taste.

Therefore, there are many ways to eat sashimi.

Among many sashimi, salmon sashimi is high in protein and rich in nutrients.

Salmon, also known as salmon, has a yellow-orange flesh and is a common ingredient for sashimi.

Generally, salmon is eaten at Japanese restaurants by cutting the salmon into thin slices and spreading it on ice. Diners can eat it directly or dip it in soy sauce and mustard.

Salmon sashimi is a simple sashimi. Just slice the salmon and other side dishes into ice water and freeze it. Add some lemon juice before eating, and then you can order soy sauce and mustard to eat!