[Can ginger be added to fish soup after surgery]_ginger_same

[Can ginger be added to fish soup after surgery]_ginger_same

After the operation, we should take care of our body. While following the doctor’s order, we should also pay attention to our diet. You can drink various soups after the operation, but do not eat spicy and greasy foods. The soup is more beneficial to the body.Absorption can quickly restore our body to a normal state, but during the production process, we must pay attention to the choice of ingredients.

So, can ginger be added to fish soup after surgery?

1. Wash the fish, cut it into finger-sized pieces, put it in a bowl and sprinkle with thin salt. Marinate it for 10 minutes and consider it to be watery.

2. Heat the oil pan, add a scoop of oil, and after it is 70% hot, add the fish, slowly fry over low heat until the sides change color, add 10 grams of ginger slices, put 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and cooking wine.

Do not put onion, garlic, pepper and other irritating ingredients, as this will not make a good wound.

Then put a scoop of oil so that it is easy to get fishy and fragrant.

Then put an appropriate amount of water in the pot and spread over the ingredients. Add fresh tofu, seafood mushrooms, pure milk, sugar, and cover with high heat.

3. After the water has boiled, turn to low heat and cook for 10 minutes. After the soup turns milky, add the appropriate amount of edible salt and chicken essence. Then you can restart the pot.

4. This soup is characterized by its delicious flavor and rich nutrition.

It is a wonderful soup that combines the full nutrition of animal protein and plant protein, and has a pleasant taste.

Note Do not add stimulants such as onion segments, garlic, pepper, etc. These will stimulate the wound and are not conducive to healing.

Ginger is added to chicken soup that is gradually drunk, mainly because of fear of affecting wound healing.

It is recommended that you avoid spicy foods, including ginger, in your diet for as little as one week.

Ginger should be ready to be added to the chicken broth a week later.

When drinking chicken soup, be careful not to get too greasy, so as not to increase blood lipids.

[Barley Mung Bean Porridge Practice]_ Barley Mung Bean Porridge _ How to _ How to do

銆 愯 綏 绫 Chong 豢 Pu 嗙 Powder pot
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[Can diarrhea drink yogurt]_ drink yogurt _ diarrhea _ can drink

[Can diarrhea drink yogurt]_ drink yogurt _ diarrhea _ can drink

Many women usually like to drink yogurt. Drinking yogurt has many benefits. It can alleviate constipation, reduce weight, and beautify the skin. However, some people have diarrhea. I do n’t know if yogurt can be drunk.Expert answers.

1. Because yogurt contains a large number of lactic acid bacteria, it has the effect of resisting harmful bacteria and can improve the immune system of the body. Therefore, diarrhea can drink yogurt, but it should not be taken on an empty stomach.

If it is taken by a baby, it is recommended to take Mummy Love or Synbiotics to prevent diarrhea from worsening.

2. Yogurt can increase gastric acid secretion, increase pepsin secretion and activity.

Therefore, for chronic gastritis patients with increased gastric acid secretion, such as chronic superficial and chronic hypertrophic patients, it is indeed contraindicated to drink yogurt.

However, some patients with chronic gastritis can safely drink yogurt, which is beneficial and harmless.

If it is severe diarrhea, timely medical conditioning is required.

3, yogurt itself does not diarrhea, but instead raises the stomach.

Some people pull some of them suddenly not fit.

Another important reason is that people who don’t drink often will pull on an empty stomach (no food).

Yogurt can remove harmful impurities in the intestines and is good for constipation.

It may also be the reason.

4. Yogurt is a dairy product made from fermented milk.

It is rich in nutrition, cool, refreshing, easily digested and absorbed, and often eats yogurt for good health.

Well, if it’s not serious, you can drink it.

Because yogurt has a certain effect on inhibiting intestinal bacteria.

Otherwise, it is better not to drink.

Because the protein in yogurt may increase the burden on the hot road.

5, knowledge development-what fruit is good for diarrhea?

1. Guava Guava contains many nutrients and beneficial substances needed by the human body, such as fructose, grape, sucrose, glutamic acid and so on.

In addition, it is favored by people because it contains vitamin C, and its sweetness and astringency and contains pesticides can effectively form a protective film in the human body. It is a fruit that is very suitable for people with diarrhea.

2. Apples Apples are very nutritious and rich in predetermined dietary fiber-pectin.

Pectin protects the intestinal wall, activates useful bacteria in the intestine, and regulates insulin function, which can effectively prevent hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia, and eliminate complications.

So diarrhea and apples are perfectly fine.

3. Cherries Cherries are bright in color, sweet in taste and rich in nutrition.

It contains both glucose, protein, and calcium, phosphorus, iron, and multivitamins.

It is a fruit of peace, so it is completely edible for diarrhea people.

New natural gas (603393): endogenous + extension results in a sharp increase in performance The 2018 annual report exceeded market expectations

New natural gas (603393): “endogenous + extension” results in a sharp increase in performance The 2018 annual report exceeded market expectations


Event 2018, the company achieved operating income16.

32 ppm, an increase of 60 in ten years.

58%; net profit attributable to mother is 3.

350,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

88%; net profit after return to mother 2.

10 ‰, a decrease of 11 per year.

74%, budget benefit 2.

09 yuan.


Our Analysis and Judgment (1) “Endogenous Growth + Outward Expansion” Drives a Significant Increase in Revenue The traditional city gas business maintains steady growth.

In 2018, the company’s urban gas sector achieved revenue11.

71 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.


Among them, in terms of natural gas supply, gas sales amounted to 6.

50 billion cubic meters (+17 compared with the same period last year).

8%); the average price benefited from the increase in the proportion of industrial gas, which increased slightly to 1.

48 yuan / party (2017.1.

46 yuan / square), contributing 9 income.

630,000 yuan, an increase of 19.


In terms of home installation business, the increase in the maturity of the regional market has led to an improvement in the number of new users. The number of installations completed in 20183.

110,000 households, down 26 before.


However, the installation unit price increased from 4,972 yuan / household in 2017 to 6,704 yuan / household, realizing business income2.

08,000 yuan, stable for one year.

Asian American Energy operates well, and mergers and acquisitions have led to a significant increase in total revenue.

In 2018, the company made an 厦门夜网 offer to acquire Yamei Energy, and completed the consolidation in August.

Due to the orderly progress of gas field development, the number of production wells has increased rapidly, which has driven Panzhuang. The natural gas extraction volume of the two major blockchains in Mabi has reached 7.

05, 0.

9.7 billion cubic meters, an annual increase of 23.

4%, 65.


Due to the rapid growth of domestic natural gas consumption and relatively tight supply and demand, the average viscosity of coalbed methane has been changed from 1.

30 yuan / square increased to 1.

64 yuan / square.

Rising prices and prices have driven a substantial increase in Asian and American energy revenues (12.

580,000 yuan, +71.0%), the company confirms the coalbed methane mining business according to the consolidation time4.

6.1 billion.

Driven by the growth of traditional businesses and new businesses, the company achieved main business revenue in 201816.

32 trillion, an increase of 60.


(2) The discounted acquisitions increase the company’s performance, and the mergers and acquisitions result in increased expenses during the period, which is expected to fall in the future.

Affected by factors such as M & A domestic and external intermediary service fees, increase in employee compensation caused by consolidated statements, and termination of labor contract compensation, etc., the company’s management costs reached 2 in 2018.

63 ppm, an increase of 514.

8%, accounting for 16 of operating income.

1%, an increase of 11.

9 units.

As a result of the use of cash acquisitions, the company raised financing by USD 1.5 billion.

The corresponding interest rate expense increased to 1.

30 ppm, financial expenses increased substantially.

Considering the completion of the acquisition and abundant cash flow to ensure the repayment plan, we believe that the expense ratio in the future period will facilitate the fall to normal levels.

Discounted mergers and acquisitions offset the adverse effects of increased one-time expenses.

Company with 1.

75 Destroyed / Shares Acquired 50 of Amer Energy.

5% equity, because the purchase price is lower than the net asset value, corresponding to the recognition of non-operating income2.

10,000 yuan.

The non-operating income brought by discounted purchases must have been expanded to the one-time expense centralized confirmation and brought about adverse effects, leading to the differentiation of net profit growth trends before and after deductions.

The company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in 20183.

350,000 yuan, an increase of 26.

9%; net profit after return to mother 2.

10 megabits, budget 11.


(3) Natural gas supply and demand are still tight, and there is ample room for future growth. Natural gas supply and demand are tight in 2019, and we are optimistic about the company’s business growth space.

According to the prediction of relevant agencies, natural gas consumption in 2019 will reach 308 billion cubic meters, an annual increase of 11%.

4%; corresponding output is only 170.8 billion cubic meters, an increase of 8.


We expect natural gas prices to remain stable under tight supply and demand patterns.

As the company’s upstream and downstream businesses expand steadily, the company expects to mine coalbed methane in 20198.

8.1 billion cubic meters, city gas supply 6.

9.8 billion cubic meters; plans to achieve 2.5 billion operating income and net profit5.


The replacement filing system for coalbed methane cooperation projects is beneficial to the company’s business development.

The National Development and Reform Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of China (NDRC) and the Energy Bureau will approve the overall development plan for oil and gas foreign cooperation projects (ODP), simplify the project process, reduce the construction cycle of the project, and strengthen the independent decision-making power of the resources.

The company has leading mining technology and has many years of cooperation experience with China United Coal and PetroChina.

Against the background of deepening the opening up of natural gas, the company can use its existing foundation to deepen business cooperation, which is conducive to the development of new regions in the future.

3.Investment suggestion As a city gas leader in Xinjiang, the traditional business has grown steadily.

Regarding the coalbed methane mining business, with the relatively tight supply and demand of natural gas in 2019, the development of conversion gas fields has promoted the strong growth of coalbed methane revenue.

Although the merger and acquisition caused the company’s management expenses to increase significantly in 2018, it is expected to fall back to normal levels in the future.

We predict that the company will have an EPS of 2 in 2019 and 2020.

91 yuan, 3.

75 yuan, the current total corresponds to 14.

0 times, 10.

9x, maintaining the company’s “recommended” rating.


Risks suggest that the downstream demand growth is lower than expected; the cost of unconventional gas development is too high or the output is not up to expectations; the terminal price may be lowered.

Vanke A (000002): single-month growth contraction, land holding efforts continue to be lower than the level of 18 years

Vanke A (000002): single-month growth contraction, land holding efforts continue to be lower than the level of 18 years

Event: On the evening of April 2, the company announced sales data for March 19, and the company achieved a contracted sales area of 360 in March.

70,000 cubic meters, a decline of 0 every year.

91% (previous value +2.

71%), the contracted sales amount is 573.

7 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

20% (previous value +21.

32%); From January to March, the company gradually realized a sales area of 924.

80,000 countries, down 11 every year.

78%, the cumulative contracted sales amount was 1494.

400 million, down 3 every year.


The monthly sales growth rate has improved and contracted: in March 杭州桑拿 19, the company achieved a contracted sales area of 360.

70,000 countries, a decline of 0 every year.

91% (previous value +2.

71%), a contraction of 3 from the previous two months.

61pct; contract sales amount of 573.

7 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

20% (previous value +21.

32%), a contraction of 8 from the previous two months.

12%; the average monthly sales price in March contracted 1588 from February.

67 yuan / square meter with a contraction of 9.

07%, an increase of 1983 over the same period in 18 years.

86 yuan / square meter, the increase is 13.


From January to March 19, the company gradually realized a sales area of 924.

80,000 countries, down 11 every year.

78% (previous value: -17.

56%), an increase of 5.

78pct; cumulative contracted sales amount is 1494.

400 million, down 3 every year.

12% (previous value -11.

11%), an increase of 7.

99pct; the average selling price 武汉夜生活网 is 16159.

2 yuan / square meter, an increase of 9 in ten years.

81% (previous value +7.

82pct), an increase of 1 in February.
99pct; the gradual average selling price is basically 18 years and the cumulative average selling price has increased by about 773.

59 yuan / square meter, an increase of 240 from the average sales price of the month.
75 yuan / square meter.

Equity acquisition amount / such 17.

24%, the speed of land acquisition continued to be below 30%: the company added 13 new land projects in March 19, of which 2 were logistics real estate projects, 11 projects were new land projects; the total cost of logistics real estate projects increased by 13

210,000 countries, equity construction area 20.

22 Magnum (new logistics projects in Shenzhen and Shaoxing respectively).

Among the newly added land projects, the net land profit was 118.

50,000 countries, with a built-up area of 289.

2 General Motors, an increase of 43 over the same period last year.

99%, an increase of 43.

81%, equity construction area is 194.

100,000 countries, the ratio of equity building area to capacity building area reached 67.

12% (previous value 88.


The total land price increased by 148 in March.

56 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

98% (previous value: -25.

21%), the equity price is 98.

930,000 yuan, an increase of 117 in ten years.

00% (previous value +13.

02%); equity acquisition amount / total price is 66.

59% (previous value was 96.

64%), and gradually reduce the equity acquisition amount / 74 of the total accumulated payment.

18%; projects with equity of 50% or more (including 50%): projects with equity of 50% or less are 6: 5; projects with 100% equity: projects with non-100% equity are 3: 8.

In terms of land acquisition, the equity land acquisition / set ratio in March was 17.

24% (previous value was 30.

96%), lower than the average ground holding strength of 20% in January-March.

43%; In March, the holding strength was still low.

Judging from the average land price, the floor price of new land in March was 5,136.

90 yuan / square meter (ten years-19).

35%), the equity floor price is 5096.

86 yuan / square meter (in the past +6.

43%); floor price / average sales price is 32.

27% (previous value: 42.

88%), the cost is controllable, and the safety margin is high.

Investment suggestion: We are optimistic about the prospect of the company’s diversified business development strategy called “track + property”, logistics real estate, long-term rental apartments and property services; optimistic about the company’s advantages under the background of continuous industry concentration.

We expect the 19-year performance to continue to grow steadily; the company’s EPS is expected to be 3 in 19-21.

48, 3.

85, 4.

15. Maintain “Buy-A” rating and 6-month target price of 38.
5 yuan.
Risk reminder: the real estate market is less than expected, policy factors, the company’s operation is not up to expectations

[The practice of Beijing sauce pork loaf]_ pork loaf _ how to do _ how to do

[The practice of Beijing sauce pork loaf]_ pork loaf _ how to do _ how to do

You need to prepare some shredded pork and soy sauce when making the Beijing sauce shredded pork. The copying of soy sauce is very important. If it is less, it will affect the taste. The shredded pork should be made tender and smooth.You need to add an appropriate amount of Taibai powder and sprinkle some sesame oil, so the taste of fried pork will be better.

Ingredients: 150 grams of shredded pork, 5 onions, 1 teaspoon of soy sauce, 1/4 teaspoon of essence, 1 teaspoon of white powder, 1 teaspoon of protein, 3 tablespoons of Beijing sauce, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil.

The pork shreds are marinated for 10 minutes and set aside.


Shred the shallots, wash them with water, drain and place on a plate.


Add oil to a hot pan and place the marinated shreds in Method 1. Fry the shreds over low heat and fry on high heat.


Drizzle in the sauce pan of recipe 3, and quickly stir-fry until evenly. After dripping the sesame oil, you can bring it to the pan and place it on the onion silk plate.

Ingredients: 2 spring onions, 300 grams of shredded pork, 240 grams of oil, 2 large cereal cakes, 20 grams of soy sauce, 15 grams of sweet noodle sauce, 15 grams of sugar, 15 grams of rice wine, and 15 grams of sesame oil.

Wash and shred the shallots; mix the shredded pork with all the marinade (except the sesame oil) until taste, add the sesame oil and mix well again.


Pour the oil into the pan and heat it evenly. Then add the marinated shreds of method 1 and stir-fry over medium heat until cooked. Add the green onion and mix well.

Spread the large grain pancakes, wrap them in the Beijing-style sauce, and roll them into a tube.

[Can Crab Eat Tofu]_ Crab Meat _ Eat Together

[Can Crab Eat Tofu]_ Crab Meat _ Eat Together

Crabs are very good food, especially hairy crabs. Crab meat is eaten, and the content of crab paste is also very high, which greatly meets our desire for food.

However, when we eat crabs, there are many things to pay attention to, especially many things that cannot be eaten with crabs at the same time.

So, can crabs eat tofu?

Let’s take a look below.

Crab and tofu can be eaten together.

Use a crab, a box of tender tofu, two or three slices of ginger, one or two onions, the right amount of cooking wine, the right amount of salt, mainly sugar, chicken or MSG.

Put the tender tofu in a bowl and cut it with a knife.


Wash the crabs and remove the dirt, cut into several pieces, place on tofu, add ginger slices, salt, sugar, and wine.


Boil water in a wok and steam for 15-20 minutes.


Add the shallots or minced shallots before turning off the heat.

Turn off the heat and simmer for half a minute.

Tip 1, tofu must use the most tender, so it tastes smooth and fragrant.

2. When cutting crab, try to keep the crab juice in the bowl.

In this way, the crab tastes richer and more fragrant.

3. The crab’s large pliers are cracked with the back of the knife, so it tastes good.

4. The composition of salt depends on personal taste.

This dish can be ordered with less soup so that tofu and crab crab paste are better together.

I like to drink soup so I put a lot of water.

5, cooking wine should be a little more, steamed soup can taste a little bit of wine taste.

But don’t overdo it.

[How to steam rice for one person]_ One person _ How to make

[How to steam rice for one person]_ One person _ How to make

If one person lives, many people may not really want to cook by themselves, because it will be very troublesome, and the amount of food for one person to cook is not controlled, especially young people, who basically go out and eat casually.

In fact, cooking rice by yourself is relatively hygienic, and you can cook according to your taste, while a rice cooker requires only two bowls of water for one bowl of rice, and one rice is enough.

First, the rice cooker steams a bowl of rice 1, add two bowls of water 2 to the rice cooker, place the steamer, and then put the small bowl of washed rice and water on the steamer (half bowl of rice, high amount of waterJust a bit of rice) 3. Cover the stuffing of the rice cooker and steam it in accordance with the normal steaming procedure. When the steaming key jumps to the insulation key, sprinkle some cooked black sesame seeds.Wash the rice and add it to the small bowl with the steamer, and add a little water 2 meters higher than the rice. Pour the highest amount of water in the measuring cup into the steamer 3, and add the small bowl with rice and water.4. Cover the shell of the egg steamer and open the operation button to start steaming. 5. When you hear the bubbling sound of gurgling is gone, pour in a measuring cup of water and continue to cover the steaming.Half-maturity 6, steam the second cup of water to dry, the steamer automatically powers off, and the rice is fully cooked (the measuring cup and small bowl are delivered by the steamer, a bowl of rice requires two cups of water to be added twice), Steamed rice in two reincarnation)

[Homemade recipes for egg recipes]_Homemade _How to make

[Homemade recipes for egg recipes]_Homemade _How to make

Eggs can be said to be very common “old friends” above people’s tables. There are many types of eggs, and there are almost very rich protein and nutrients required by the human body. However, many people know that the practice of eggs is only a few.This is more common, and I don’t know what else to eat. There are simple ways to eat it.

So, what are the home-cooked recipes for egg recipes?

First, what are the home-cooked recipes for egg recipes?

Omelette is a staple food made with eggs and flour and various vegetables. It has a short preparation time, is salty and sweet, and is easy to operate. It is golden, attractive and nutritious.

2 eggs, 1 small spoon of sweet potato powder, 4 grams of oil and salt, 2 grams of chicken essence, 5 grams of green onion, add a small spoon of sweet potato powder to water to make a paste, add two eggs, add green onions, and season with an appropriate amount of salt and chicken essenceStir well; put a little oil in the pan, pour in the right amount of egg paste, spread out into a cake, and fry on both sides.

Second, egg and potato cakes: 1 potato, 1 egg, salt, black pepper Potatoes washed, peeled, cut and shredded, put in flour; beat the eggs, mix with a little water, add a little salt and black pepperCrush seasoning; pour in pan and add oil to heat, add mixed potatoes, pour into pan and spread into pancakes, remove after golden on both sides.

Half a bowl of flour, 2 eggs, 4 grams of starch, white sesame, oil, and salt.

Mix flour, water, starch, salt, and an appropriate amount of oil, stir well; pour a little oil into the pan, then pour in the batter, spread with a spoon to form the crust, cover the egg liquid on the crust, and use the spoon to spread the egg liquid evenly;Sprinkle with scallions, sesame seeds, and meat floss. Roll up the cake when the egg liquid is about to solidify. Fry it over low heat and cook until the egg rolls are golden.

What are the home-cooked recipes for egg recipes?

Egg dregs cake: 3 spoons of dregs, flour, 2 eggs, chives, shallots, oil.

Bean dregs, flour, eggs, leeks and scallions are mixed, and mixed with cold water to become a thin batter. Pour a little oil into a pan and pour part of the batter to flatten and fry until golden on both sides.

Tomato egg pie with 2 eggs, 50 grams of flour, 20 grams of rapeseed, oil, salt and eggs into a bowl and beat; tomatoes boiled with water, peeled and cut into small dices; washed vegetables and cut into pieces; eggs, flour,Put all the rapeseed and tomatoes in the bowl and stir well; preheat the pan, brush with oil, pour the batter on the pan, and fry the yellow on both sides.

[Effects and effects of locust flower]_Benefit_Premise

[Effects and effects of locust flower]_Benefit_Premise

The locust flower is also a yellow flower. It has a certain therapeutic effect and it is more delicious. From April to May of each year, it is the time when the locust flower is open. At this time, you can pick some fresh locust flowers.It can also be eaten after drying.

Its efficacy is more, it can be said that it can cool blood to stop bleeding, and it is also good for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Efficacy and effect of Huaihuahua1, Liangxue hemostatic Huaihuahua is rich in multivitamins and minerals. It has been called a “cooling essential medicine” by doctors. It can penetrate heat and purify fire, and cool blood and stop bleeding.On the one hand, it is also very effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids blood, blood stasis, hematuria, hemorrhage, bleeding, vomiting, and bleeding. From the perspective of Western medicine, locust flower contains rutin, vesicollin / coagulant,Huaihua pear, vitamin A and other substances.

2. Improving capillaries Capillary blood vessels have a very important impact on human health. In order to maintain the normal function of capillaries and avoid capillaries that are too brittle and cause bleeding, hypertension, and diabetes, it is possible to over-intake sophora flowers.The role of initial improvement.

3, clearing the liver fire When the liver fire appears, it is easy to cause people to appear red eyes, dizziness correction phenomenon, so it can be improved by taking Huaihua instead, because Huaihua is rich in Huaihua phospholipid, glucose and glucuronic acid and gluconate, etc.These substances have anti-inflammatory effects!

4, decompression, anti-ulcer in life, many friends will have ulcer-like diseases, and Huaihua fluid injected into the intestinal cavity of rabbits, can stimulate the intestinal mucosa to increase the exudate, can be decompressed, anti-ulcer effect!

Avoid eating taboo flowers. Although it is said that locust flower is delicious, it is sweet, so it is not suitable for people with diabetes. Therefore, because steamed locust flower is not easy to digest, some friends who do n’t have a good digestive system should not overdo it.In the end, middle-aged and elderly friends and pregnant women who are allergic to sophora flowers are advised not to consume it.

Note: There are generally two types of allergies to sophora flowers. One is allergic to the pollen of sophora flowers, and the other is because the sophora flowers contain allergic substances, so after taking the sun, some redness or ulcers may appear., Usually appear within 5-20 hours after eating.