[How to cut honey and sweet bean steamed buns]_Home-made practice of knife-cut honey and sweet bean steamed buns_How to cut honey and sweet bean steamed buns

[How to cut honey and sweet bean steamed buns]_Home-made practice of knife-cut honey and sweet bean steamed buns_How to cut honey and sweet bean steamed buns

After reading the favorite recipe, is it also a heart to make a knife-sweetened sweet bean bun?

This is a food that can eat healthy, beautiful, and not greasy, with a fragrant sensation, with a little spicy taste, it is very exciting, and it can attract your taste buds., You can feel golden.

1. Prepare soy noodles, white noodles, milk powder and yeast in a large bowl.

2. Put warm water and good dough in a pot, cover with plastic wrap and ferment.

3, the fermentation is good, exhaust, knead well, cut with a knife like the picture is the pores are hair.

4. Let the back roll into a flatbread.

5. I bought this honey and sweet beans.

6, tile the top, shop how many Peas followers like.

7. Then roll up from one side.

8. Cut into a size you like with a knife.

9, add steamer, 15 minutes can be.

10, hehe out of the pot, let’s go!

11. Finished product drawing.

The lack of time to cook is a problem that many office workers have. Learning simple cooking can solve this problem. It only takes a few minutes to cut the dish of honey and sweet bean steamed bread, and add an appropriate amount of soy sauce to improve the color before cooking.

[Can soy milk be made without soy beans]

Hammers, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow鏈猴紝鐢ㄨ眴娴嗘満鎵撹眴娴嗛潪甯哥殑鏂逛究锛岃€屼笖璞嗘祮鏈洪噷涓婇潰鐨勯€夐」锛屾湁骞茶眴鐩存帴鎵撹眴”I’m so sorrowful”, “I’m afraid of you”, “I’m afraid of you”, “I’m afraid of you”, “I don’t know what you’re going to do”祮锛屾垜浠潵鐪嬩竴涓嬭繖鏂归潰鐨勫唴瀹广€傞粍璞嗘病娉″彲浠ユ墦璞嗘祮鍚楅粍璞嗕笉娉″彲浠ユ墦璞嗘祮锛屼絾榛勮眴鏈€濂芥场涓€澶滐紝鎵撴垚娴嗘洿瀹规槗锛屾椂闂寸煭銆傞鏉愶細榛勮眴閫傞噺銆佹按閫傞噺鏂规硶/姝ラ1銆佸皢榛勮眴娲楀噣鍚庡姞姘达紝姘撮噺娌¤繃榛勮眴鍗冲彲锛屾场鍙戜竴澶溿€?銆 佺 咧咧 庢 璢 红 眮 眩 撘 姆 姒 ㄦ 眮 Chain rainbow 曑 曨 曜 慜 腜 銆?銆 丸 駏 髏 姻 姻 姘 庴 姘 Cui 獅 鍒 鍒 鍄 庹 満 勬 渶 湀 槻 綾 綻 綻 滻 绾 綾?鐩栫洊 鍙変笂鐢垫簮寮€鍏?寮€鏈?-3 闒 嗛 挓 宸 ﹀ 彸 銆?銆佸€掑叆鍒伴攨涓紝鏈€濂藉彲浠ュ彇涓堡閿?Kancha?What is it?  ぇ 鐏  劜 銆?銆佺叜鑷冲嚭鐜版诞娌紝杞腑鐏紝灏嗘诞娌崒鎺夈€?銆 丸 啀 逦  紑 紑 Ad?It ‘s not easy to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?镄勮眴娴呜兘澶熷緢濂界殑鎺掑嚭鑳嗗浐閱囷紝闄嶄綆鑳嗗浐閱囧惈閲忋€傝繖鏄洜涓鸿眴娴嗕腑鍚湁澶ч噺鐨勫ぇ璞嗚泲鐧借川浠ュ強澶ц眴鍗电7鑴傦紝杩欎袱绉嶇墿璐ㄨ兘澶熷緢濂界殑淇冭繘浣撳唴鐨勮娑叉竻婢堬紝浠よ韩浣撲腑淇濇寔涓€涓壇濂界殑浠h阿鎯呭喌銆傜浜岋細闃叉不鐧岀棁 鐮旂┒鍙戠幇锛岃眴娴嗕腑鍚It ‘s hard to find a good way to get a good view of the mountains and rivers. It ‘s a great place to stay in the mountains and rivers.You are in a hurry, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble.姐€傜瀛﹀閫氳繃涓村簥鏁版嵁鍙戠幇锛屼笉鍠濊眴娴嗙殑浜虹兢鎮f湁鐧岀棁鐨勫彲鑳芥€ц姣旂粡甯搁ギ鐢ㄨ眴娴嗙殑浜虹兢楂樺嚭澶х害浜旀垚宸﹀彸鐨勬鐜囥€?绗笁锛氶槻娌婚珮琛€鍘嬩互鍙婄硸灏跨梾 璞嗘祮涓惈鏈夊ぇ閲忕殑璞嗗浐閱囦互鍙婇晛鍏冪礌杩樻湁閽惧厓绱狅紝杩欏嚑绉嶇墿璐ㄩ兘鏄叿鏈夊緢濂界殑鎶楃洂绾冲姛鏁堛€傞珮琛€鍘嬪彂鐢熶互鍙婂鍙戞渶涓昏鐨勫師鍥犲氨鏄敱浜庝綋鍐呯殑閽犲厓绱狅紝鎵€浠ヨ鏃ュ父鍙渶瑕佷弗鏍肩殑鎺у埗閽犲厓绱犵殑鏁伴噺锛岃繖灏辫兘澶熷緢濂界殑闃叉不楂樿鍘嬨€傝眴娴嗕腑鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勭淮鐢熺礌锛岃繖绉嶇墿璐ㄨ兘澶熸湁鏁Awkwardness and sorrow and sorrow and sorrow and sorrows and sorrows and sorrows and sorrows and sorrows and sorrows and sorrowsWhat’s the difference? What is the difference between Hong Tao and Hong Hong?

[Can you eat grapefruit during menstrual period]

[Can you eat grapefruit during menstrual period]

Grapefruit is rich in nutrients and vitamins, and everyone usually eats grapefruit to supplement nutrition.

At the same time, the taste of grapefruit is sour and sweet, it is very delicious to eat, so it is a very popular fruit.

However, grapefruit also contains a lot of ingredients, which may not be suitable for some people.

So, can you eat grapefruit during menstruation?

No, grapefruit is a cold food.

Women are advised not to eat ice during menstruation. To get rid of menstrual blood, they must keep the blood in a “warm” state to flow smoothly.

Once you eat cold food, the blood is stimulated by temperature changes, which will cause poor circulation, and it is easy to produce blood clots and cause menstrual pain.

The foods that should not be eaten during the menstrual period are not just eating ice. Some foods with cool attributes, such as ice products, winter melon, eggplant, loofah, cucumber, winter melon, crab, field snail, kelp, bamboo shoots, oranges, pears, grapefruit, watermelon, etc.Etc., and sour foods, such as plums, immature sour fruits, or some hot foods, such as fried foods, peppers, peppers, mustard, etc., should also be eaten without waste to avoid bloodUnsmooth conditions.

Foods that should be eaten during menstruation should be light onion, fungus, peanuts, walnuts, jujube, longan, and roses.

If you accidentally eat cold food in the meridian, or can’t help but eat ice, you can drink brown sugar to cook ginger to balance blood circulation in the body and help hemodynamics.

Except for ice products, it is not advisable to consume food in moderation. Women in moderation should pay special attention to keeping warm, avoiding cold, wading, raining, exposing to the sun, and taking cold baths. Prohibition of intercourse, bathing and swimming, and keeping the vulva.Clean underwear and tampons.

Traditional Chinese medicine opposes women’s prevention of eating ice, while western medicine believes that there are no contraindications.

Zhou Longsheng, attending physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Yadong Memorial Hospital pointed out that menstrual blood is the peeling of the endometrium. The menstrual blood is transferred by the contraction of the uterus. When eating ice, the temperature of the stomach and the stomach drops, which affects the contraction of the uterus and makes it difficult to discharge the menstrual blood.Therefore, a blood clot was formed. In order to expel the blood clot, the uterus had to increase the contraction. This is the reason that eating ice may cause menstrual pain.

However, Dr. Zhou said that Western medicine does not interfere with any food and can be eaten by confinement.

Baiyun Airport (600004): International passenger flow growth will drive tax-free income growth

Baiyun Airport (600004): International passenger flow growth will drive tax-free income growth

Investment points After 19Q1, the production cycle will continue to be optimized. In April 18, the company’s T2 terminal was put into production. It is expected that after 19Q1, the possible impact of the cost side due to new depreciation will be eliminated.

With the increase in passenger traffic and the maximization of production capacity, the company’s profitability is expected to continue to increase.

The company’s third phase expansion plan is currently under planning, including the fourth and fifth runways and T3 terminal, and it is expected to start production around 2025.

Therefore, the company’s production cycle in 19-20 will continue to optimize.

International passenger traffic is expected to continue to grow. The company is the only core gateway airport in the nationally rebuilt Zhongnan Airport Group. The relatively high on-time rate enables the company to obtain higher time increments.

The third air terminal and the T2 terminal were put into production in February 2015 and April 18 respectively, and there is still ample capacity.

The scope of cooperation between the company’s base airline, China Southern Airlines and International Airlines, has been expanding, and the explosion of international passengers has continued to grow.

It is expected that the compound annual growth rate of tungsten for international passengers will increase by 10-20 years.

9%, the proportion will exceed 25% in 2020.

The unit price of duty-free sales is expected to increase the area of duty-free venues by 3 after the T2 terminal is put into operation.

Six times, the duty-free product category is expected to be enriched.

After the completion of the 51% equity acquisition on the day of the acquisition, China Exemption is expected to increase the attractiveness of duty-free products through channel advantages and scale effects.

The cooperation between China Southern Airlines and American Airlines and British Airways is committed to increasing the company’s share of international passengers in Europe and the United States, and optimizing the structure of international tourists.

The state’s regulation of overseas purchasing through channels such as e-commerce has increased the attractiveness of duty-free shops.

The above will help increase the unit price of tax-free sales.

The increase in tax-free income will bring about double growth in performance and estimates. It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent will be 11 in 18-20.

5 billion, 8.

8 billion, 12.

900 million, the previous growth rates were -27.

6%, -23.

6%, 46.


19-year reasonable PE38 calculated with reference to relative estimates.

9 times and an absolute estimate of a reasonable market value of 422.

200 million, the current company is undervalued.

The average unit price of international passenger explosions and duty-free sales continued to increase, supporting the company’s tax-free business income growth.

The increase in tax-exempt business income is expected to bring the company’s performance and estimates to double, and for the first time, the company will be given a “buy” rating.

Risks indicate that the explosion 武汉夜生活网 rate of international passengers has fallen short of expectations, and the unit price of duty-free sales has grown less than expected.

Jiajiayue (603708): Non-Yanwei area opened stores to speed up operation efficiency continued to improve

Jiajiayue (603708): Non-Yanwei area opened stores to speed up operation efficiency continued to improve

Introduction to this report: The opening of stores in non-Yanwei districts has accelerated, and the proportion of hypermarket formats has increased significantly.

While accelerating the development of external ports, the company’s operating efficiency has continued to improve, and internal growth and external expansion have been synchronized, and the estimated level and performance growth have accelerated.

Investment highlights: Investment recommendations: Non-Yanwei districts will expand and accelerate, and operating efficiency will continue to improve.

EPS 2019 is maintained for 2019-2021.



28 yuan with a target price of 29.

6 yuan, overweight.

Revenue growth accelerated, and performance met expectations.

From Q1 to Q3 2019, the company achieved revenue / net profit of 112.


51 ppm, +17 for ten years.

89% / 16.

7%, of which 2019Q3 income increased by +20.

The 14% increase in revenue growth was due to Q3 same-store growth expected to be around 6% and hypermarket format growth to be strong. Q3 hypermarket / overall revenues increased twice.

75% / 9.


Q3’s net profit increased by 16 year-on-year.

42%, but profit growth increased by 20%. The growth rate of net profit growth was mainly due to the impact of deferred income, and performance was in line with expectations.

The opening of stores in non-Yanwei districts has accelerated, and the proportion of hypermarket formats has increased significantly.
The company opened 53 new stores in Q1-Q3 in 2019, of which 15 were added in Zhangjiakou, 18 were opened in Qingdao, Jinan and surrounding areas, and 62% of them were opened in non-Yanwei areas.

Although the number of stores opened has declined, the operating area growth rate is in line with expectations due to the 49% of hypermarket formats in the newly opened stores. It is expected that 80-90 new stores will be opened.

Among them, Q3 opened 13 new stores, closed 8 stores, and opened 5 net stores.

07 million nations.

The 淡水桑拿网 operating efficiency continued to improve, and internal growth and external extension were synchronized.

From the first quarter to the third quarter of 2019, the comprehensive gross profit margin fell slightly to zero in ten years.

07pct, affected by the decrease in deposit income, etc., the financial rate is +0 per year.

37pct, but the selling and administrative expense rate drops by 0 every year.


15pct, the final net interest rate fell only slightly.

04pct to 3.


The acquisition of Shandong Huarun Wanjia’s 100% equity has steadily advanced, and it is expected to add 7 hypermarkets (Qingdao 3 Jinan 2 Yantai 1 Zibo 1) to further enhance the company’s scale and influence.

Risk warning: intensified competition, insufficient initial scale of the new region, resulting in longer-than-expected growth period.

Shandong Medicine Glass (600529): China borosilicate glass penetration is the benefit of the trend medicine glass faucet

Shandong Medicine Glass (600529): China borosilicate glass penetration is the benefit of the trend medicine glass faucet

Medical glass faucet with steady growth in revenue.

The company’s revenue has grown steadily, and the revenue scale of Q1-3 in 2019 reached 21.

570,000 yuan, an increase of 12 in ten years.


At the same time, the company achieved net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company in the first three quarters of 2019 of 3.

410,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.


Domestic medicinal glass is dominated by soda-lime and low-borosilicate silicon.

Conventional medicinal glass products are still mainly low-borosilicate and soda-lime glass. According to the Global Glass Network, the number of longitudinal medicinal glasses used in 2018 is currently around 30, of which the amount of borosilicate used in 2018 is 2.

2 nominal -2.

3 ounces, about 7% -8%.

Placed in low borosilicate glass, the medium to low borosilicate glass bottle has good thermal stability, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, long replacement, high conversion, and good chemical stability. Therefore, international neutral glass is recognized in the worldGlass is the preferred pharmaceutical packaging material, and in international standards, soda-lime glass replaces prescription drugs.

The consistency evaluation of generic drugs will promote the development of silicon 杭州桑拿 glass bottles in the north and the north, which will benefit the company.

The consistency evaluation of generic drugs is based on the principle that the quality and efficacy of the original drug are consistent with the original drug.

On October 15, 2019, the State Food and Drug Administration publicly solicited opinions on the “Technical Requirements for the Consistency Evaluation of the Quality and Efficacy of Generic Drugs for Chemical Injections” (Consultation Draft), which mentioned the quality and performance of packaging materials and containers used for injectionsIt should not be lower than the reference preparation to ensure that the quality of the drug is consistent with the reference preparation.

Therefore, we believe that better performance and the use of more borosilicate glass in the world are expected to continue to penetrate the gradual drug package industry.

  The company’s existing borosilicate glass products are expected to benefit.

ROE continued to improve, and sales receipts were of good quality.

From the perspective of financial indicators, the company’s ROE continued to increase in 16-18, mainly due to the increase in net sales margin, and the asset turnover rate and equity multiplier were relatively stable.

  The increase in the company’s net profit margin was mainly due to the continuous increase in gross profit margin, which increased from 32 in 2016.

81% increased to 37 in the first three quarters of 2019.

09%, an increase of 4.

28 units.

Molded bottles with the largest revenue share in 2018, gross margins from 16 41.

16% increased to 48 in 18 years.

94%, an annual increase of 7.

78 averages.

Breaking through the company’s cost of molded bottles, from 16 to 18 years, the cost of molded bottles by item, and the proportion of revenue has declined, and according to the 2018 annual report, the company’s 2018 main raw material coal, soda ash and quartz sand prices were generallyThe growth trend, therefore, we believe that the decline in cost to revenue ratio is mainly because the company, as a domestic medical glass leader, has a complete product line and industrial chain layout and has generated scale advantages, which is one of the company’s important moats.

At the same time, the company’s sales receipts are of good quality. The net cash flow from the two-year operating activities are higher than the net profit. Compared with Zhengchuan, the sales receipts are better.

Earnings and estimates.

We expect the company’s EPS to be approximately 0 in 2019-2021.

78, 0.

97, 1.

19 yuan, comparable listed company’s 19-year average forecast PE is 32.

7 times, giving PE36 in 2019?
39 times, with a reasonable value range of 28.

42 yuan, given a “preliminary market” rating.

risk warning.
The advancement of consistency assessment is slower than expected risks, and China Boron Silicon Technology cannot break through the risks.

[Effects and effects of crisp dates]_Benefits_Premise

[Effects and effects of crisp dates]_Benefits_Premise

Crispy jujubes are dates that people often eat in life. This is one of them. This kind of dates tastes very sweet and has a high nutritional value, such as vitamin C, which is a kind of nutrition.Elements are often absorbed by people in their lives, otherwise they will cause malnutrition, and the nutrients contained in this food will be more easily absorbed by the body.

Consuming edible fresh food, the fruit of jujube is sweet and rich in vitamins C and P.

[1]Jujube can be said to be a very good fruit. Eating dates can replenish blood, lower blood pressure, and enhance human immunity.

At the same time, jujube also contains a large number of vitamins, a variety of trace elements and sugars. Studies have shown that it has certain effects on protecting the liver and sedating the nerves.

[7]Fresh jujube is richer in vitamins, but it is sometimes orderly and cannot be bought often, and eating more may harm digestive function.

Although the vitamin content of dried dates is reduced, the iron content is increased and its nutrition is more easily absorbed.

[8] 食疗做法 ①红枣泡水,养肝排毒红枣的一个冲泡细节决定着它功效的高低。Jujube peel is tough and difficult to digest. If it is brewed whole, it is difficult to completely dissolve its active ingredients, so it is best to open it and brew it.

Also note that fresh dates should not be brewed or cooked.

This is because its vitamin C content is very high, and boiling with hot water will seriously damage vitamin C.

② Jujube boiled soup, cough and lungs The “Bian Xiao Fang” written by Tang Dynasty Cylindrical Clogs records that jujube, white fungus and rock sugar can be used to make cough and lungs.

Materials: Tremella: 20 grams (about half a flower), red dates: 20, rock sugar: 60 grams (you can add or reduce the amount according to each person’s taste)Put small pieces into the pot together with red dates and rock sugar. Add 6 bowls of water. After the high heat is boiled, use a low heat and cook for another half an hour, then turn off the heat.

③ boiled eggs with red dates, nourishing blood and beauty, use red dates and longan boiled brown sugar water, when the dates rotten longan, beat an egg; continue to boil the eggs with a low fire.

Red dates, longan and brown sugar all have the effect of nourishing blood, and the boiled eggs are very nourishing.

④ In the traditional Chinese medicine, jujube boiled with porridge and soothe the nerves, women have symptoms such as restlessness, restlessness, etc., you can use appropriate amount of lily and lotus seeds with red dates.

If cooked with millet, the effect of red dates and soothing can be better exerted.

⑤ Jujube sparkling wine, smooth blood vessels During the soaking process of red dates, notice that the nutrient organic matter is more easily dissolved in the wine.

Have a certain effect on keeping the blood vessels open.

[8]There are so many effects of taboo dates, but it is not advisable to eat them, and there are some alternatives when eating dates.

① Do not eat with rot. Do not eat jujube. After rot, it will help the microorganisms to multiply in their body.

At the same time, formaldehyde and methanol can be decomposed in the rotten date.

After consumption of this substance, light people can cause dizziness and eye damage; more serious, they can endanger life.

② It is not appropriate to consume the vitamins inherent in jujube with vitamins at the same time, it can break down and destroy vitamin K, thereby reducing the therapeutic effect of vitamins.

[Boiled fish recipe]_ production method _ how to make

[Boiled fish recipe]_ production method _ how to make

Boiled fish soup is a technology. Many people just do n’t know how to cook this kind of fish soup. It will cause the taste to become very unorthodox, which will affect the loss of some of the nutrients contained in it.It takes about one or two hours to make the fish soup turn milky, and it can be eaten at this time. It does not need to be cooked for too long to prevent the loss of nutrients.

Raw osmanthus fish 5 pairs (about 200 grams), ham 1 pair (about 40 grams), winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms 22 each (about 80 grams), 8 cups of soup, appropriate amount of Longjing tea, salt, oil, pepperMinute.
Method 1: Slice the sweet-scented osmanthus fish and mix well with salt, oil and pepper.

2. Shred the ham and wash and slice the mushrooms.

3. Fill the pot with soup, bring to a boil, add osmanthus fillets, shredded ham, boil for about 5 minutes, pour into a large soup pot and season with salt.

4. Pour Longjing tea into a glass and pour it into the center of the basin. Pour the tea into the soup before serving.

1 raw fish, 100 grams of cabbage.

Cooked lard, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, and spring onion are appropriate.

Method 1: Cut the yellow croakers and wash them. Put a wavy flower knife on each end of the fish, and cut the cabbage into pieces.

2. Heat the wok on a hot fire, add yellow croakers, fry until golden on both sides, pour into wine, cover with simmer; 3, add water, boil over high fire, cover with simmer for 10 minutes, and cook untilWhen it is milky white, add snow cabbage, refined salt and spring onion, then boil over high heat, add MSG, and put it in a soup bowl to strengthen the medicated diet.

This side has the effect of replenishing Qi.

[Prescription]Quanjuan condensate with ginseng and ginseng: 3 grams of ginseng, 10 grams of astragalus, 5 grams of huangjing, 5 jujubes (decored), 100 grams of rice.For soup, remove the residue and take the soup. Put the cleaned rice and red dates into the casserole. If the soup is too little, add a small amount of water to cook the porridge. Add the brown sugar and mix well. You can take it for half a month.the above.

[1]brain health and medicinal diet.

This formula has the effect of nourishing brain and strengthening the heart, making people sensitive, quick thinking and full of energy.

[Prescription]Cordyceps yam and beef bone soup: 2 grams (or 1 gram) of Cordyceps sinensis, 10 grams of yam, 10 grams of honey red lotus, 10 grams of cypress, and moderate amount of bovine pulp.

In addition to Cordyceps sinensis, add the other 4 herbs to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for 30 minutes.

Wash the Cordyceps sinensis, put it into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of water to the steamer and steam for 20 minutes, and mix with the previous liquid.

Even served more than half a month.
Beauty and beauty medicated diet.

This side has the effect of nourishing yin and beauty, nourishing blood and nourishing, suitable for women.

[Prescription]Artemisia turtle soup: 10 grams of artemisia, 10 grams of dried peach blossoms (better flowers), 10 grams of astragalus, 200 grams of turtles (hair removal, viscera, bone retention), put the first 3 herbs into the casseroleAdd the right amount of water, decocting the soup, remove the residue, and add it to the casserole with the turtle. If the solution is too little, add an appropriate amount of water. After frying for about half an hour, add honey when the temperature is slightly lower.More than half a month.

[How to make cakes in a rural cauldron]_How to make_How to make

[How to make cakes in a rural cauldron]_How to make_How to make

I do n’t know if you have eaten the pancakes made from a large pot in the countryside. Under normal circumstances, you must first stew the vegetables in the big pot, and then paste the pancakes by the side of the pot.Heat evenly, so that the dishes and pancakes are prepared together. The resulting pancakes will have a stew flavor, and they need a special scent, which we can’t buy in the market.

Ingredients: Black bean noodles, corn noodles Production steps: First, pour black bean noodles, corn noodles, and flour into a pot. Their ratio is 1: 1: 3.

Then, pour warm water, add baking powder or baking soda, and knead them.

Cover with cloth and leave for half an hour.

At this time, we are going to boil hot water in the big pot, and when the water is hot, the hot pot can begin to “stick cakes”.

Scoop out the dough into a small ball, form a ball in the palm of your hand, and press it against the edge of the cauldron to become a “pie”.

Put a circle around the pot and you’re done.

Cover the pot and cook for half an hour to smell the rich flavor of corn.

Take a bite: lips and teeth stay fragrant.

Note 1.

In the big iron pot we can boil cabbage and fish.

Also wait until the pan is opened, then “stick cakes” and wait until you are cooked you will smell the sweetness of corn and the umami of fish.

What a treat!


Try not to lean too low when pasting the cake, so as not to get hot water in the pot.


When burning the fire, try to slowly burn it, and evenly add firewood to the surrounding area.

The nutritional content of cornmeal is corn-like, sweet and light, and it is generally consumed by people. It is good for lungs, heart, spleen, appetizer, anti-cancer, cholesterol-lowering, and brain-building.

Don’t eat corn with snails, otherwise it will be poisoned; try to avoid eating with oysters, otherwise it will hinder the absorption of zinc.

(1) Calcium in cornmeal and iron breakdown can prevent hypertension and coronary heart disease; (2) linoleic acid and vitamin E in cornmeal can reduce cholesterol levels in the human body, thereby reducing the occurrence of arteriosclerosis; (3)) Coarsely ground corn flour contains a large amount of lysine, which can inhibit tumor growth; (4) Corn flour also contains trace element selenium, which can accelerate the decomposition of oxides in the human body and inhibit malignant tumors; (5) Corn flour is rich in glutathioneGlycine; (6) The rich supplementary fiber in cornmeal can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce the time for food to pass through the digestive tract, reduce the absorption of toxic substances and the stimulation of carcinogens to the colon, thereby reducing the incidence of colon cancer.

[How to make small fish yummy]_How to cook_Cooking method

[How to make small fish yummy]_How to cook_Cooking method

The small fish has a high nutritional value, which helps to supplement vitamins, and is very muscular. The small fish can be used for cooking or sauces. The small fish can be calcium supplemented and has no bone spurs., So everyone can eat with peace of mind, without worrying about physical problems.

Calcium tofu, dried small fish, clove fish, 100 g dried tofu, 2 tbsp onion, 4 garlic, 8 petals of ginger, 6 slices of chili, 2 rice wine, seasoning soy sauce, 1 tbsp.Clove fish is added to rice wine, and mixed well.Good) Dried tempeh with a small amount of hot water, mix well and cut the onion into small pieces, spare the garlic and cut into small pieces, spare the minced ginger, slice the peppers, spare the hot pot and add oil, add the ginger and onion in sequence, add the garlic, add the tempeh, and stir-fry the fish.If the sesame oil is not enough for the small fish, don’t crisp, add the pepper flakes when seasoning, stir in soy sauce until the dried fish becomes thinner and the color becomes golden. The taste is small and hard (it will harden again when you cool it).Refrigerator, when the standing dishes are suitable, but delicious and delicious rice with dried chili and small fish. Brief introduction Delicious and appetizing small fish and dried chili, dear ones who like spicy food must do it by hand (*?



Ingredients: pepper 350g, garlic 100g, bean drum 60g, dried fish 100g, oil 200g sugar, weigh the salt yourself, weigh the rice wine, use this method, dry clean the fish into the pan, burst into the pan, add the bean drum, continue to stir, add the minced pepper, and stir-fry with garlic, Add sugar, salt, rice wine and mix until there is no water vapor, then bring it to the pot, bottle (please sterilize first) and save 4 pieces of fried and steamed small fish material with upside down, the right amount of spring onion, the right amount of raw meal, and the right amount of raw soy sauce.

After the fish has gone to the internal organs, wash and drain the water, and apply a small amount of raw flour slurry to the fish.


Put a small amount of oil in the pan, then add the fish and fry until golden on both sides.


Add the fish to the dish, add an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, cover with green onion, and steam for 5 minutes.