[Can yam have long hair?]_ Yam long hair_Danger_Impact

[Can yam have long hair?]_ Yam long hair_Danger_Impact

Yam is a common medicinal material and a common food on the dining table.

Yam can be used for cooking and cooking, and can also be used for soup.

However, if yam is not stored carefully, it is likely that mold and hair will appear during the storage.

After moldy, it is inedible, you need to take good parts to use to ensure health.

Yam and bisexual hair is not recommended.

Or the yam itself has problems and its nature has changed.

Fresh yam has nutrition with particle size. Moldy yam may produce harmful substances and cause harm to the human body. Therefore, it is recommended not to eat it.

If you think the yam is only two hairs, you can still eat it. Remember to remove the moldy two ends before eating.

If two yam mucor molds are to be eaten, the bad parts, namely the moldy ends of the yam, must be cut off, and a part near the rotten part must be cut off.

Then observe whether the middle part of yam has become greenish green due to mold infection. If it is still normal, it is edible.

Please note that it should be soaked in water for 30-60 minutes before eating, so that the residual toxins are dissolved in the water, and then cooked. Add vinegar during cooking to make it non-toxic.

[Children’s emergency rash breast milk mom diet]_ breast milk pregnancy _ how to eat

[Children’s emergency rash breast milk mom diet]_ breast milk pregnancy _ how to eat

Parents who have had a baby should know that when the baby is young, a sudden skin disease called acute rash.

Acute rash is a sudden-onset disease that often appears on your baby’s body without warning, and is accompanied by fever and other symptoms, but it will subside within a few days.

Many parents do not know what causes infants with acute rash. So, do breast-feeding mothers pay attention when infants develop rash?

I. Precautions for infants with rashes and breast milk moms 1. Eat less spicy foods. When it comes to dietary contraindications for rashes and breast milks for moms, we know that the nutritional foods absorbed by mothers will be converted into milk for breastfeedingBaby, so breastfeeding mothers also need to pay attention to their usual diet.

Although there are no special contraindications in the diet of infants with rash and breast milk mothers, doctors will also recommend that mothers eat less spicy food to avoid harm to the baby.

2. Try not to eat foods such as fish, shrimp, crab, etc. During the onset of infantile rash, if you still need breastfeeding mothers, it is recommended to avoid eating foods such as fish, shrimp, crab, etc., because hair products may promote relatedThe onset of diseases will also accelerate the development of related diseases, leading to aggravation of related diseases.

If the baby drinks these breast milk-carrying breast milk during a child’s acute rash, it may cause the acute rash to worsen.

3. Not easy to listen to folk remedies. In addition, many mothers will listen to folk remedies who choose to suspend breast milk replacement after their baby develops a child ‘s acute rash. However, this behavioral alternation may cause the baby to suddenly become unaccustomed to the change of the substitution method, and may even affect it.The baby’s normal nutrition intake, so mothers are best to consult a doctor’s professional advice for scientific treatment.

Second, children with acute rash treatment 1, most books think that no treatment is needed.

Personal suggestion: If other symptoms are not obvious, at least physical cooling should be performed.

2. Symptomatic treatment: take antipyretic drugs (physical cooling; pediatric Merrill, Tylenol, Baifuning and other drugs to cool down), antiviral drugs (antiviral oral solution, isatis root, pediatric solution, etc.).

3, the temperature is too high, I hope parents see a doctor for treatment, and the baby has a febrile seizure.

Valin Steel (000932) Quarterly Report Review 2019: Performance Meets Expected Asset-Liability Ratio Steady Decline

Valin Steel (000932) Quarterly Report Review 2019: Performance Meets Expected Asset-Liability Ratio Steady Decline

This report reads: The company’s first quarter 2019 results are in line with expectations, gross profit per ton of steel, net profit remains relatively high, and the company’s profitability is still strong.

New real estate starts 都市夜网 have been strong, infrastructure investment has rebounded, and cars have basically bottomed out. The company’s profit in 2019 will gradually pick up.

Investment Highlights: Maintain the “overweight” rating.

The company achieved operating income of 237 in Q1 2019.

32 ppm, an increase of 18 per year.

62%; net profit attributable to mother 10.

92 ppm, a decrease of 28 per year.

78%, the company’s performance was in line with expectations.

New real estate starts in 2019 are strong, infrastructure is gradually picking up, cars are basically bottoming out, steel demand is low and high, the company ‘s performance will gradually pick up, and the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be maintained at 1.



96 yuan, due to the strong supply side of the industry and strong iron ore prices, the company was given a 5x estimate for 2019, and the company’s target price was reduced to 8.

8 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

Sales continued to rise in the first quarter, and the company’s profitability remained strong.

The company’s steel sales in the first quarter of 2019 were 508 inches, an increase of more than 18.

97%, up 7 from the previous quarter of 2018Q4.


In the first quarter of 2019, the company’s average steel sales price was 4,672 yuan / ton, and the gross profit per ton of steel was 605 yuan / ton, corresponding to a net profit of 215 yuan / ton per ton of steel. Earlier in 2018, it decreased by 265 yuan / ton and 152 yuan / ton.The company’s gross profit per ton of steel and net profit remained relatively high and profitability remained strong.

It is expected that steel demand will be low before high in 2019, and the company’s profitability will gradually pick up.

During the period, costs have steadily decreased, and the balance sheet has continued to optimize.

The company’s three ton steel fees in 2019Q1 were 199 yuan / ton, which was 85 yuan / ton lower than the same period in 2018, and the cost injection during the period4.

27%, continued to decline before the beginning of 20181.

68 units, of which financial expenses budget is 0.

97%, a year-on-year decrease of 0.

71 units.

The company’s asset-liability ratio was reduced to 52 in Q1 2019.

51%, maintaining a downward trend.

The company is a regional leading steel company and fully benefits from the high steel prices.

New real estate starts in 2019 surpass expectations, infrastructure is gradually picking up, and cars are bottoming out. It is expected that steel demand will be lower and higher, and steel prices will rise and fall.

As the leader of Hunan steel enterprises, the company has obvious competitive advantages and will fully benefit from the high profit brought by high steel prices.

Risk warning: the macro economy is accelerating to 北京夜网 decline; the supply side rises more than expected.

Honglu Steel Structure (002541): Rapid revenue growth, falling gross profit margin, dragging down profit growth

Honglu Steel Structure (002541): Rapid revenue growth, falling gross profit margin, dragging down profit growth
Matters: On August 27, 2019, the company released its 2019 interim report.Total operating income was 47.79 trillion, an increase of 52 over the same period last year.90%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 1.7 billion, an increase of 4 over the same period last year.81%; Blacks earn 0.3239 yuan, an increase of 0 over the same period last year.0149 yuan / share. Comment: In the first half of the year, the operating income increased, but the profit growth rate slightly followed the first half of 2019. The company’s total operating income increased by 52 compared with the same period last year.90%, operating profit increased by 18 over the same period last year.05%, the total profit decreased by 3 compared with the same period last year.47%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies increased by 4 over the same period last year.81%,公司收入较快增长但利润增速替代跟随上,基本上是新产能释放带动收入增长但是生产及管理成本相对较高,另外本期公司收到的政府补贴较去年减少约3500万 总体The average gross profit margin of the business appeared in the report period. The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 12.30%, compared with 17 in the same period last year.92%, a decline of 5 per year.62 units. The gross profit margin of the steel structure business was 9.75%, a decline of 5 per year.13 averages, gross margin of enclosure products is 12.27%, a decline of 3 per year.27 grades, other gross profit margin is 41.72%, a decline of 22 per year.For 65 units, the significant decrease in gross profit margin was mainly due to fluctuations in steel prices and new production capacity; the total expense ratio during the period increased and the total reported expense ratio was 6.44% (-3.35pct), achieving a significant decline, of which the sales expense ratio is 1.07%, a decrease of 0.78 units; management expense ratio 4.18%, down 1.64 units; financial expense ratio 1.20%, a decrease of 0.The 92 singles reflect a certain scale advantage and the company’s good control over period expenses.In the reporting year, the net cash flow from operating activities was 42.32 million yuan, compared with 85.10 million yuan in the same period last year, a year-on-year decrease of 50.27%; there are sufficient orders on sale, and the production capacity continues to increase. The total number of new contracts signed in the first half of 2019 is about 69.600,000 yuan, an increase of 52% over the same period last year.The engineering order is 9.75 ppm, material order is 59.8.5 billion.Since 2016, the production bases have been rationally distributed throughout the country. The current production capacity has reached more than 210 tons, and the output during the reporting period reached 81.At the beginning of 1996, it increased by 30 compared with the same period last year.30%. By continuously increasing production capacity, the company has strengthened its ability to fulfill large orders with particularly tight schedules.At the same time, the company has undertaken major projects such as Zhejiang Petrochemical, Xiong’an High-speed Railway Station (Second Tender Section) project, Jinan Supercomputing Center Science and Technology Park project and other major projects to further enhance the company’s brand awareness. Continuously expanding research and development This year, the company continued to increase research and development expenditures. During the reporting period, the company invested 8546 million in research and development, introducing welding robots, spraying robots, automatic turning machines, automatic double-arc and double-wire submerged arc welding production lines, automatic shearing and distribution production lines, and plating.Zinc production lines and other equipment and related process technologies have accelerated the intelligent transformation of steel structure production lines, and have successfully developed domestic leading intelligent manufacturing equipment such as automatic square pipe production lines and cross-pillar production lines with independent intellectual property rights.The company has formed three major technical systems: “Integrated high-rise steel structure residential complete technology”, “High-end intelligent garage access technology”, “Prefabricated low-rise residential integrated technology” and other three technology systems, which are in a leading position in China. Maintaining the “Buy” rating, we expect the company to have operating income of 110 to 2021.800 million, 147.500 million, 184.1 ppm, an increase of 40 each year.7%, 33.1%, 24.8%; net profit attributable to mothers is 4.400 million, 5.200 million, 6.2 billion, an increase of 6 南京夜网 each year.5%, 18.2%, 18.2%.It is expected that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.85 yuan / share, 1.00 yuan / share and 1.18 yuan / share, the corresponding PE is 9/7 / 6x. Prefabricated buildings try to embrace leapfrog development under the encouragement of policies. As a leading company in the steel structure industry, the company will benefit from the increase in the penetration rate of steel structures.The annual income will maintain a rapid growth. Due to the changes in government subsidies, we expect profit growth to be slower than income. Considering that the company’s current estimate exceeds the industry average, maintaining the “buy” rating risk suggests macro policy risks; steel price fluctuation risks;Risk of rising labor costs.

Guangfeng Technology (688007): Leader in Laser Display

Guangfeng Technology (688007): Leader in Laser Display

Introduction to this report: Guangfeng Technology is a leading company in laser display, with only core technology, and its business scope has expanded to many industries such as film, television, education and engineering display.

Investment Highlights: Reasonable pricing range14.


5 yuan, the recommended inquiry range is 15.

5-18 years old.

5 yuan.

Guangfeng Technology has pinned the development, production, sales and leasing of laser display core devices and the whole machine. The main products include: 1) laser optical engine; 2) laser projection machine.

We forecast a net profit of 2 for 2019-2021.

1.9 billion, 2.

82 ppm and 3.

USD 600 million, an increase of 24%, 29% and 29% annually.

With reference to A-share peer listed companies, and taking into account the company’s business attributes, it is predicted that the company’s issuance price-earnings ratio will be 30-40 times the 2019 performance, and the corresponding company’s issuance reasonable pricing range is 14.


5 yuan, the recommended inquiry range is 15.

5-18 years old.

5 yuan, it is recommended to participate in the purchase.

Leading laser display company with outstanding technology: The company has established a strategic partnership with Chinese 杭州桑拿 film, Barco, Texas Instruments, LG and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad through the core technology of laser display.

At present, the company ranks first in the industry in terms of laser film light source deployment, laser TV light machine sales, and laser business education light machine sales.

2018 revenue 13.

USD 8.6 billion, an annual increase of 72.

01%, net profit is 1.

77 ppm, an increase of 67 in ten years.


Extreme effects and high cost performance lead the development of the laser display industry: Laser displays will continue to grow because of extreme display effects and high cost performance.

The CAGR of the world’s digital movie projector market is expected to be 13 in 2018-2022.

7%, 2018-2021 laser TV sales CAGR is 64.

9%, 2018-2021 China laser engineering projector subdivision CAGR is 24.


In the medium and long term, the unique technical features of laser display can extend to holographic display, light field display, immersive display, 3D display, virtual display, scene fusion and artificial intelligence combined display new fields.

The implementation of fund-raising projects will increase production and profitability: The investment projects used for the raised funds include: 1) R & D and industrialization projects of next-generation laser display products; 2) R & D center project of Guangfeng Technology Headquarters; 3) Information system upgradeProject; 4) Supplementary cash flow.

The investment project will address the increase in existing production capacity and increase the degree of automation of the production line, thereby further increasing the production and sales volume of the company’s laser display products and improving the company’s overall profitability.

Risk reminder: business model risk, intellectual property protection risk, demand risk considerations: accurate net income is calculated based on the estimated total share capital of 45.155 million shares after issuance

[How old is the dried fish oil suitable for babies]_Action_Applicable people

[How old is the dried fish oil suitable for babies]_Action_Applicable people

The newborn’s body resistance is poor. Many mothers choose to give the baby cod liver oil, which is rich in vitamin A and other essential trace elements.

Eating cod liver oil to babies can indeed promote the baby’s intellectual development and strengthen the baby’s physical immunity.

However, many mothers are more obedient when replenishing cod liver oil to their babies. Newborn babies have weak bodies and are not suitable for taking cod liver oil. Generally speaking, babies should not take cod liver oil until the full moon.

There is nothing trivial for a baby to grow up, especially in infants and young children. Development and growth require more nutrients.

At this time, it is necessary for parents to add various vitamins to their babies, and cod liver oil is the best choice for babies.

However, when to add cod liver oil to the baby, how much cod liver oil to supplement, how long the baby eats cod liver oil, this is very particular about, can not afford to be sloppy.

How long does it take for infants to eat cod liver oil? Generally, cod liver oil is not as important as parents imagine to be two years old. Cod liver oil is a health product that promotes children’s absorption of calcium. Parents only need to feed their children with cod liver oil according to the amount.Give your child cod liver oil continuously.

There are many ways to supplement your child’s calcium. Taking your child out occasionally, going to a place with good air and basking in the sun can also promote the production of vitamin D in the child’s body, speed up the baby’s calcium absorption, and promote bone development.

2, taking matters Cod liver oil is to promote calcium absorption, mainly vitamin A and vitamin D.

The common cod liver oil in China is Ekosin. Generally, the daily requirement of vitamin d is up to 400 units. If a cod liver oil contains so much vitamin D, it is not necessary to eat it every day.

Excessive intake of cod liver oil will increase the child’s digestive burden. If the child’s tongue is thick and is responsible for taking lactase and pepsin oral solution to help digestion, Mummy love can also.

At present, there are many cod liver oil preparations on the market. According to the ratio of vitamin a and vitamin d, they can be divided into 2: 1, 3: 1 and 10: 1. Parents can choose 2: 1 cod liver oil.

How much vitamin D should be added daily The recommended intake of vitamin D for the latest version of the Chinese Resident Replacement Guide is: 0-50 years old: 10 μg (400IU) daily 50-50 years old: 15 μg (600IU) pregnant womenAnd breast milk mothers: 10 μg (400 IU) per day Note: IU and μg (micrograms) are units of measurement, 1 μg = 40 IU, 1 IU can also be said to be 1 international unit; because vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, long-term excess intake will occurPoisoning causes hypercalcemia, depression of the central nervous system, abnormal calcification and hypercalciuria, renal calcium and kidney stones.

The latest revision of the American Medical Institute may pose a risk. The maximum daily intake of vitamin D is: 0-6 months, 1000 IU, 6-12 months, 1500 IU, 1-3 years, and 2500 IU. Generally speaking, it is normal to consume 400 IU daily.Only long-term accumulation can reach the level of the above levels will bring risks to the body.

[Can Luffa Sprouts Be Fried Together]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboos

[Can Luffa Sprouts Be Fried Together]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboos

The taste of the loofah is very light.
The seeds of the loofah are soft and glutinous, and there is no hard phenomenon. Normal chewing, so the seeds of the loofah can also be eaten. In addition, the loofah can be fried with bean sprouts instead of fried with bean sproutsIt is also delicious and a good vegetarian dish. It is more suitable for women who are losing weight, because taking into account the relationship between children, eating loofah can promote metabolism and consume a lot of obesity.

Ingredients of Soybean Sprout Fried Loofah, 2 loofahs, 250g Soybean Sprouts, appropriate amount of salt, proper amount of MSG, soy bean sprouts fried loofah Step 1, Ingredients: Loofah.

2, soy sprouts (cleaned).

3. Peel and clean the loofah.

4, put on the chopping board and cut into hob blocks, set aside.

5. Heat the oil in the wok and stir-fry the soybean sprouts.

6. Next, stir in the loofah and stir-fry.

7. Then, add some salt and MSG.

Daylily loofah lean broth material Ingredients: dried daylily 80g loofah 350g lean 80g auxiliary ingredients: oil, salt, powder, bamboo, chicken, chicken, and chicken.

First dry the daylily, soak it in warm water for about 20 minutes, wash it two or three times, squeeze out the water for future use; 2.

Slice the purchased lean meat and marinate for a while with raw flour, salt and cooking oil.


Prepare loofah, daylily, and bamboo Sheng.


Boil the water in a small saucepan and add an appropriate amount of salt. Season the chicken essence and add day lily.


Then put in the loofah and cook for a few minutes.


Finally, add the marinated lean meat to a high heat and boil the lean meat to allow the lean meat to be evenly cooked.


There are also a few pieces of lettuce left to eat.


This “Daylily Loofah Lean Soup” soup is fresh and delicious, rich in nutrition, and evenly mixed with vegetarian food.

Drink health and beauty often.

Tips and tricks1, Guan Xiaowei daylily reminds you: daylily replaces dried dried vegetables, and the daylily with dark yellow and blackish ends is naturally non-added, daylily dried golden color, the appearance is very beautiful is processingPlease take note of the day lily.

.2. Add lean meat at the end so that the lean meat can be cooked until it is just cooked and soaked in the boiling hot soup. This kind of lean meat will be tender and smooth.

Leek Fried Mung Bean Sprouts —- Qingganhuo Material 200 g Spontaneous Mung Bean Sprouts and Moderate Salt Practice1.

Grab two mung beans, wash them, put them in a basin, add water bubbles, and place them away from light. About 8 hours, the beans will expand and you can put 2 soaked mung beans in a plastic or stainless steel pot with holes. BelowHole, you can drain the water, and then cover it with a basin to avoid light.

3 Mung bean sprouts, rinse the mung bean sprouts on the water every day.

Then cover with protection from light.

I usually put it in the sink at home, because the stainless steel basin with holes can just fit on the sink.

The mesh under the stainless steel allows water to pass through.

It is also breathable for about 4 days. The bean sprouts are very strong and ready to be eaten.

5 Remove the roots and whiskers of the bean sprouts. 6 Put the washed bean sprouts in hot oil. Wait until the bean sprouts become transparent. Then add the leeks cut into sections and fry.The green bean sprouts bought by Pan Xiaoshuo are really daring to eat.

So they are all sprouts.

In the process of making hair, use water like a shower every day to rinse the green bean sprouts.

Avoid light all the way.

If the beans are red, they are usually light or old beans.Once it’s ready, pick the bean sprouts clean and you’re ready to eat.

Wash the leeks and rinse them. Because of the growth characteristics of leeks, they are usually sprayed with pesticides, so they need to be washed several times.

[Does passion fruit drink too much to get angry]_ more food _ impact

[Does passion fruit drink too much to get angry]_ more food _ impact

Passion fruit is a relatively common fruit and is very rich in nutrition. Although passion fruit has high nutritional value, it is not suitable to eat too much at one time. If you eat too much at one time, it will lead to fire. Various kinds of passion fruitThe content of trace elements and vitamins are very high. If pregnant women and small children eat it regularly, it will have a lot of health benefits, especially it can promote children’s physical development.

Passion fruit is getting angry, so before you eat, you need to have some understanding of the properties of passion fruit and how to eat it, to avoid the interactive effects of food on our health.

If you eat too much passion fruit at one time, it can easily get angry, just the right amount.

Passion fruit is mainly used for juice. The mature fruit contains more than 30% juice.

The juice has a bright color and a natural color between lemon yellow and orange. The rich flavor combines the flavors of various tropical and subtropical fruits such as guava, pineapple, mango, and banana. It has the reputation of king of juice.

Passion fruit is a natural sedative that relaxes and calms nerves.

Treatment of insomnia, induce natural sleep and deep sleep, eliminate headaches, dizziness and other phenomena.

Relieves anxiety and nervousness, depression and depression, headache caused by nervousness, stomach pain, frequent urination, and palpitation.

Improve muscle contraction, convulsions, and pain caused by nervousness.

Relieve all discomfort caused by nervous tension and extreme anxiety.

Improving mood is extremely low, and mental worry is excessive.

Treatment of Qi Depression, relieve bloating and help digestion.

Can the seeds of passion fruit be eaten?
Passionfruit has pulp and seeds under the hard shell. Usually we all have its pulp. In fact, the seeds of passion fruit are also edible.

Passion fruit contains fruit acid, edible fiber, and acts on the digestive system. It has a good effect on loss of appetite, bloating and constipation.

Passion fruit contains vitamin E and lycopene, which should not be underestimated for its effects on the reproductive system. After eating the middle-aged and elderly people who urinate too many nights, they feel that the number of waking up at night is significantly reduced, so passion fruit has nourishing yin and kidney.

Passion fruit juice contains 165 compounds that make up a special aroma.

Frequent consumption of passion fruit has refreshing, refreshing and thirsty effects, helps digestion, relieves phlegm and cough, relieves constipation, promotes blood circulation, strengthens the body’s immune function, nourishes yin and kidneys, eliminates fatigue, lowers blood pressure and lipids, delays aging, resistsThe efficacy of hypertension.

Passiflora roots, stems, and leaves have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, lowering lipids and lowering blood pressure.

Passion fruit may have more than 100 kinds of aromatic substances. It is called “the king of fruit juice” outside China, and it is very suitable for making fruit juice.

In addition, the aroma of passion fruit has a nerve-relaxing and soothing effect, can treat insomnia, induce natural sleep and deep sleep.

The superfiber contained in passion fruit is the “scavenger” of the human body. It can promote excretion, relieve constipation symptoms, remove the stimulating substances stuck in the intervention, avoid irritation and reabsorption by the human body, thereby reducing the incidence of colon cancer.Superfibers also have antitumor activity.

At the same time, to avoid the deposition of harmful substances in the body, the slenderness can improve the skin and beautify the face.

Girls who need to lose weight can also use passion fruit to lose weight!

Because passion fruit can increase the feeling of fullness in the stomach and reduce the desire to eat, it can also adsorb organic molecules such as plasma and bile to inhibit the body’s absorption of feces.

[The practice of fried vegetarian sausages]_The common practice of fried vegetarian sausages_The practice of fried vegetarian sausages_How to make fried vegetarian sausages

[The practice of fried vegetarian sausages]_The common practice of fried vegetarian sausages_The practice of fried vegetarian sausages_How to make fried vegetarian sausages

Does your daily busy work make you feel tired?

Are you overwhelmed by working overtime all year round?

Now, just like Xiaobian, we will make some fried pork sausages to relax and comfort yourself by the way.


Raw material map, such as Cantonese-style sausage, carrots, celery, garlic, sliced ginger, peas, old tendon, shredded shiitake mushrooms, and shredded.


Boil water, and some cooking oil will prepare carrots, celery, and peas over water.


Add a small amount of cooking oil to the wok and stir-fry the sausages on medium heat.


Get the sausages aside and add shredded shiitake mushrooms, garlic and ginger to fry.


Turn to high heat and stir-fry the parsley, carrots, and peas over water.


Add in the seasonings and stir well. Stir with wet powder.

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, have you been unable to hold back?

Do you really want to rush into the kitchen and immediately start making vegetarian fried sausages?

[Stomach pain with drinking pure milk and honey in early pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Stomach pain with drinking pure milk and honey in early pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Impact

Pregnancy is a special period, especially in the first trimester. You need to pay special attention to your diet and daily life. If you drink pure milk and honey water during the first trimester of pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital for a check.Do not take measures blindly and privately. In fact, there are some abdominal pains in the first trimester. Most of them are normal. This is the normal reaction of pregnancy.

There are many reasons for abdominal pain in early pregnancy like dysmenorrhea. Abdominal pain in early pregnancy has a number of causes, some of which are normal physiological phenomena. Generally, physiological abdominal pain is not very serious and the time of its occurrence is short.

Mainly because the uterus becomes larger after pregnancy and the uterine ligaments are involved.

Abdominal pain is not professional.

If there is no organic disease after examination, then no treatment is needed at all.

Abdominal pain in early pregnancy is common in: 1.

Threatened abortion: Patients with threatened abortion may experience abdominal pain and sometimes see red.


Patients with ectopic pregnancy usually also have abdominal pain, but most of them are complications of abdominal pain, and there is also irregular vaginal bleeding.


Patients with organic diseases, ovarian cysts, and uterine fibroids must seek medical treatment as soon as possible if their symptoms are severe and last for a long time.

If the symptoms of abdominal pain are not obvious, it is normal. Slight abdominal pain may occur in the early stages of pregnancy. If the symptoms of abdominal pain are obvious, you should go to the hospital to rule out the possibility of threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy.

Experts recommend: pay attention to rest during pregnancy, do not do any exercise, do not carry heavy objects, and the number of going out can be reduced.

Regularly go to the hospital for pregnancy check-ups.

Sexual life must be banned during the first 3 months of pregnancy, because having sex in the same room for the first 3 months may cause high blood pressure abortion.

Precautions in the first trimester of pregnancy 1. It is normal for couples to have sex after marriage.

But when the wife is pregnant, how to live a sexual life is something that should be taken seriously.

To ensure the health of the fetus, sexual intercourse should be avoided during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

2. These conditions must be treated. For pregnant women, the most dangerous things in the early stages of pregnancy are ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. In both cases, pregnant women will experience abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Therefore, if a pregnant woman detects abdominal pain or vaginal bleedingSeek medical attention in a timely manner.

3. Folic acid supplementation and prevention of fetal malformation during the first three months of pregnancy are the critical period of hypertension neural tube development. Therefore, expectant mothers should avoid various adverse factors, such as tobacco and alcohol environment, harmful chemicals, newly decorated houses, airImmobile environment, etc., and improve their immunity and can be infected with the virus, not to mention taking drugs without permission.

To prevent malformations, pregnant women need to supplement folic acid from the first trimester (preferably from a planned pregnancy).

Top folic acid foods include red amaranth, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, beans, yeast, animal liver and apples, oranges, etc.

4. After the pregnancy is confirmed by the initial delivery check, expectant mothers need to go to the street hospital for the first prenatal check-up at 12 weeks of pregnancy, and establish a health care manual for pregnant women.

Subsequent prenatal examinations can be performed in a secondary hospital or the hospital where the delivery is decided.

5. Prenatal diagnosis Prenatal diagnosis can rule out some major abnormalities, which can be done initially at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Currently, the most commonly used chromosome tests are villus examination and peripheral blood screening.

If necessary, amniocentesis can be performed at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy for further confirmation.

6. Don’t supplement the early stage of pregnancy without authorization. The dislike symptoms may affect the appetite of expectant mothers to a certain extent.

In terms of diet, nourishing nutrition is generally not advocated. It is mainly based on your preferences. You can eat whatever you want.

Pregnant women who have severe vomiting should pay attention to eating some light, easily digestible food.

After entering the second trimester, the morning sickness reaction disappears, and then nourishment is no longer enough.

Do not eat hot foods during pregnancy, such as dog meat, lamb, pepper, etc.

Tonic during pregnancy should follow the principle of “should be cool and avoid heat”. Even fruits, you should eat flat, cool things such as tomatoes, raw pears, peaches, etc.

7. Beware of the effects of radiation in daily life. At present, it is difficult to say clearly. Therefore, experts still recommend that pregnant women wear anti-alignment clothing, stay away from TV when watching TV, and walk away when using microwave ovens.Do not hang your phone on your chest.

8. Pay attention to rest In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers tend to feel tired, so they need to take appropriate rest.

Excessive fatigue can easily lead to miscarriage of pregnant women, especially those older women who have a history of miscarriage, and pregnant women with certain chronic diseases, need to pay special attention to rest.

Avoid overwork, short-term exercise and emotional excitement in the first trimester, and try to keep yourself in a good mental state.

9, calmly cope with morning sickness About half of pregnant women will have varying degrees of nausea and morning sickness in the early 6th week of pregnancy, which is mainly related to increased levels of chorionic gonadotropin in the blood of pregnant women.If nausea and vomiting are not severe and pregnant women can tolerate them, no special treatment is needed, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

As long as you maintain your normal mind, get enough sleep, eat less and eat more, choose light, digestible foods you like.