[Can yam have long hair?]_ Yam long hair_Danger_Impact

[Can yam have long hair?]_ Yam long hair_Danger_Impact

Yam is a common medicinal material and a common food on the dining table.

Yam can be used for cooking and cooking, and can also be used for soup.

However, if yam is not stored carefully, it is likely that mold and hair will appear during the storage.

After moldy, it is inedible, you need to take good parts to use to ensure health.

Yam and bisexual hair is not recommended.

Or the yam itself has problems and its nature has changed.

Fresh yam has nutrition with particle size. Moldy yam may produce harmful substances and cause harm to the human body. Therefore, it is recommended not to eat it.

If you think the yam is only two hairs, you can still eat it. Remember to remove the moldy two ends before eating.

If two yam mucor molds are to be eaten, the bad parts, namely the moldy ends of the yam, must be cut off, and a part near the rotten part must be cut off.

Then observe whether the middle part of yam has become greenish green due to mold infection. If it is still normal, it is edible.

Please note that it should be soaked in water for 30-60 minutes before eating, so that the residual toxins are dissolved in the water, and then cooked. Add vinegar during cooking to make it non-toxic.