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    1. Medical

      Porous Filter in Lab Application


      Cobetter Porous PE Filter.pdf

      Pipette Tip

      With the rise of the concepts of “Precision Medical”and “In Vitro Diagnosis”, pipette and pipette workstation play significant roles on large quantities of fields such as blood screening laboratory, clinical diagnosis laboratory, disease control laboratory, entry-exist inspection & quarantine laboratory, and Next Generation Sequencing. During this period, people also pay more attention to avoid the cross-infection between samples to ensure the accuracy of test results, as well as the safety of laboratory personnel and environment. 

      According to the collected data, the most common type of laboratory infection is the one that is caused by microbial aerosol. Aerosol is the gaseous disperse system composed of solid or liquid particles, 
      which suspend in gaseous medium. Besides, aerosol particles can be suspended in atmosphere for months or years. During the pipetting process, aerosol will enter into the the pipette channel with the negative pressure, which will have two negative effects. The first one is that aerosol is suspended in pipette and will enter into next sample to be analyzed, causing the cross-infection between samples. Another one is that aerosol will easily diffuse into air through pipette channels, which will endanger the experimenter and environment if the sample carries hazardous substances such as Novel Coronavirus sample.


      Using pipette tips with filter is an effective method to cut off aerosol and prevent high risks.

      Cobetter pipette tip filter is made of UHMW-PE(ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene)powder. During the manufacturing process, the filter is made by heating and pressing the powder under the temperature lower than its melting point. The natural hydrophobic property of the filter can provide protective barrier from liquid,aerial fog and aerosol, through which the aerosol diffusion cross-infection between samples, and some other potential risks can be effectively prevented. Besides, Cobetter pipette tip filter also has other characteristics as following:
      -  Inert material, it is with strong acid and alkali resistance,polarity organic solvent resistance, and corrosion resistance. Extractum free;
      -  Does not contain any additives; Pure; Hygienic and non-toxic; No interferen ≥40%; High air flow rate to ensure the pipetting efficiency;
      -  Endotoxin<0.05EU/ml;
      -  No Pyrogens
      -  Class 100,000 clean room production environment, standardized production process, make sure the filter does not contain DNA/RNA enzyme;
      -  Defect/Flash automatic light and shadow detection equipment; Satisfy the strict surface requirement;
      -  Moderate compression strength can fully match pipette tip filter’s automatic assembly system;
      -  Multiple sizes are available, which can satisfy the demands of regular sizes of 10ul、200ul、1000ul tip filter
      -  Customization

      Solid Phase Extraction Column (SPE Column) Frits


      SPE column is a pre-treatment equipment for the sample’s extraction, separation, and concentration. The theory is using solid adsorbent or brasque to adsorb the target compound in liquid sample, through which the target compound will be separated with sample’s matrix and interfering compounds. Then the target compounds will be separated and enriched by elution or heat desorption. This technology has been widely applied to the pretreatment of food, agricultural products, environmental sample and biological sample in laboratory.

      SPE column's function of separating and enriching target substances is realized by powdered brasque. As the frits is one of the most important parts of SPE column, it plays an important role on retaining the brasque in column jacket, ensuring that the brasque will not leak, and controlling the flow rate of liquid sample. 

      Even Flow Rate:
      Cobetter SPE column frits is manufactured by selected the UHMW-PE powder with good quality, which makes the high evenness of particle size, the stability of sintering process, and the high evenness of frits’ flow rate. Additionally,  every batch of final products will be tested strictly to minimize the differences between different batches.

      Extremely High Cleanliness:
      During the usage process of SPE column, we have to use organic solvents such as polar or non-polar organic solvent to activate and balance the brasque. Meanwhile, methanol, acetonitrile and other organic solvents will also be used in the process of sample loading, cleaning, and elution. So, it requires the extremely high cleanliness of the frits filter and the chemical compatibility of the organic solvents. We can take Cobetter SPE column frits 6mlSP as an example, HPLC analysis shows that there is no obvious impurity peak after the SPE column frits are soaked into methanol and acetonitrile for 20 minutes.


      Pore Size Selection:
      The particle size of brasque varies from tens to hundreds micron. Cobetter recommends select a pore size less than 1/2 of the brasque particle size. Cobetter can not only provide regular frits with regular pore sizes such as 20um and 50um, but also can provide customers with the customized service. 






      For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message


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