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    1. Medical

      UHMWPE Membrane


      Cobetter has developed a superior performance membrane with high air permeability and wide chemical compatibility, by combining the technologies of gel extrusion and biaxial stretching of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) based on professional and rich experience in membrane fabrication. Besides, Cobetter has realized the sintered Polyethylene membrane by developing the special technology of calcination. 

      The ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) microporous membrane is constructed entirely from high-density and ultra-weight polyethylene, it is a polymer with outstanding physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Most notable are its chemical inertness, lubricity, impact resistance and abrasion resistance. Therefore, it has better initial cleanliness and lower contaminant extrables compared with polypropylene and polysulfone. 


      Not requiring prewetting with solvent-based chemicals, UHMWPE membrane provides maximum chemical compatibility, longer lifetime, lower operational costs and a more consistent, reliable process. Because of higher strength versus volume ratio, UHMWPE can apply to smaller medical device profiles possible than ePTFE. And it is easy to handle and convert even at lower temperature. 

      Availability of graft material suitable for stent graft application is rather limited and ePTFE remains almost the only choice for small profile stent grafts. However, the results from angiographical, radiographical and histological analysis performed on all implanted stent grafts shows that UHMWPE membrane exhibits great promise as an alternative graft material for use in vascular stent graft application. In comparison to typical ePTFE, this thin and highly porous UHMWPE membrane is mechanically strong and isotropic with a breaking strength of ~20 Mpa, and hence is particularly suitable for making low profile stent grafts. 

      Owning to its great properties, the porous Polyethylene membrane can achieve high fillabiility of ultra fine particles and high resin impregnability, give it wide applications to use as a supporting material for various functional material. If you require parts to be manufactured to a certain size or shape, as well as volume to your requirement, pls contact us: sales@cobetterfilter.com.


      Features and Benefits

      ? Extreme thinness, high porosity and strength

      ? Superior characteristics of abrasion resist and low friction coefficient

      ? High corrosion resistance and chemically resistant to most acids, alkalis, solvents and hydrocarbon based fuels.

      ? Ideal alternative synthetic graft material for vascular convered-stent, particularly low profile covered-stent application.

      ? Benefit to its great processability, it offers and will expand a wide range of applications.


      ? Angiographical, radiographical and histological analysis

      ? Peripheral stent graphs in treating peripheral artery disease

      ? Porous material accepts surface coatings or drugs

      ? Removing metal ions from acidic aqueous solutions

      ? Used as a biomaterial, such as orthopedics as a bearing material in artificial joints. 

      Separating and purifying complex drugs and simplify the process greatly.


      Cat. No.

      Total Weight 
      per Surface 


      Air Permeability
        s@1in2 *100ml

      Pore Size

      Deg C



      UPE-1.0C20 g/m2100 μm806.21.0 μm130℃2.468 Mpa30.4%
      UPE-0.2C15 g/m265 μm8014.40.2 μm130℃6.524 Mpa78.4%
      UPE-0.015M5 g/m29 μm57.4770.30.04 μm130℃194.455 Mpa28.2%
      UPE-0.025M4 g/m210 μm51.73124.40.04 μm130℃103.379 Mpa59.0%
      UPE-0.04M5 g/m210 μm64.6654.30.05 μm130℃144.89 Mpa56.6%

      Validated Sterilization MethodUPE-1.0CUPE-0.2CUPE-0.015UPE-0.025UPE-0.04

      Available Pore Size

      0.04μm, 0.05μm, 0.2μm and 1.0μm


      Biological Safety

      Meets USP<88>,for class VI-121℃ plastic



      Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide, E-Beam, Gamma Irradiation.


      Available Format
      Membrane Discs,Roll, Sheet, Disc, Customization.

      For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message


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