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    1. Medical

      Cellulose Acetate (CA) Membrane


      Cobetter Cellulose Acetate (CA) Filtration Membrane is unsupported, hydrophilic membrane. Composed of pure cellulose acetate, the membrane has dimensional stability and naturally low protein binding.

      This provides higher throughput than competitor offerings and reduces the amount of filter changes needed during filtration of proteinaceous solutions. It is ideal for use in filtration applications where maximal recovery of protein is critical. Due to its low binding capability, CA membrane is a good choice for sterile filtration of aqueous solutions,such as buffers,serum and cell culture media.

      In addition,CA membrane combines good chemical resistance ranging from PH4-8, high flow rates and thermal stability, therefore is ideally suitable for pressure filtration devices, like syringe filters, disposable vacuum filter funnels etc.

      Besides general filtration,Cellulose acetate (CA) membrane can be also made into sterile gridded filters,which is widely used for colony counting in microbiology testing. CA membrane has very pure and nature characteristic,so it features outstanding recovery rate for microorganisms and absolute filtration efficiency.

      Cobetter CA Membrane is available in roll form, as well as in sheets and disks that can be customized to meet your application and size requirements. 

      Features & Benefits

      Superior strength to withstand aggressive handling or use with automated equipment without breaking or tearing

      ? Low protein binding minimizes retention of proteins in solution

      ? Low extractables ensure tests to be clean with consistent results

      ? Lot-to-lot consistency ensures consistent flow and diffusion rates for dependable results every time

      ? Non-lysing of cells prevents contamination of critical solutions


      Typical Applications

      ? Protein and enzyme filtration

      ? Biological fluid sterilization

      ? Sterile filtration of aqueous solutions,nutrient media,buffers and serum;

      ? Colony counting,particle testing,microscopy and sterility testing.

      ? Prefiltration of plasma fractions and vaccines

      Filtration UnitGridded Membrane FilterSterile Syringe Filter 

      Product Characteristics

      Wettability: Hydrophilic

      Sterilization method: Autocalvable at 121℃ or 134℃, gamma radiation 25 kgy, dry heat and Ethylene oxide.

      Typical Performance Characteristics(*0.2μm Unsupported)

      Meets USP<88>, for class VI-121℃ plastic

        Thickness  Water Flow Rate / s @30kPa*50ml*12.686cm2

          Water Bubble Point

        90-120 μm   20 - 22s


      Available Pore Size

      0.22μm  ,  0.45μm 


      Available Format
      Membrane Discs,  Roll,  Sheet,  Disc,  Customization.

      For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message


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