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    1. Medical

      Endoscope Washing Filter

      Duredunty? Filter Cartridges


      With the development of science and technology, it’s becoming more and more popular to use endoscope for some disease diagnostic and treatment. To avoid cross contamination,endoscope reprocessing is very import but challenging work. And the quality of water is a key element to endoscope reprocessing. It can actually be detrimental to washing, disinfection, sterilization equipment and even causing cross infections between patients if it doesn’t meet the hospitals’ specification. In all the components of the endoscope reprocessing system, the filter cartridge plays an vital role of water purification in the endoscope reprocessing. In the terms of global healthcare guide,it requires that the water used in endoscope reprocessing need to be filtered through a 0.2 micron filter or equivalent quality.

      Cobetter offers both prefilter and 0.2μm sterile grade filter in endoscope reprocessing system.Duredunty? is 0.2μm sterile grade filter,which consists of double layer hydrophilic polyethersulfone (PES) membrane. They are especially designed for sterile filtration of a broad of pharmaceutical products and particles, cysts, oocysts, and bacteria in water filtration application, while providing superior flow rates and high bacteria removal efficiency ,longer service time when compare to other sterilizing grade filter.

      Features and Benefits

      - Double-layered membrane provides great reliability of sterilization.

      - Built in asymmetric prefilter layer for longer life and lower filtration cost.

      - Broad chemical compatibility (pH 1-14)

      - High strength design allows for multiple autoclave cycles (up to 50x) and extended use.

      Quality Standards

      - Test with B.diminuta (ATCC 19146) at 107-1010/cm2 (>99.99999%)

      - Each individual element is integrity tested (bubble point & diffusion flow)

      - Each individual elements is traced by serial number

      Materials of Construction

         Filter Medium   Double Layer PES Membrane
         Support   Polypropylene
         Core/Cage/End Caps   Polypropylene
         Internal Adaptor Reinforcing Ring   PBT (Popybutylene Terephthalate / Stainless Steel)
         Effective Filter Area   1.28 m2/ ?69-10 inch

      Operation Conditions

         Maximum Temperature   90℃
         Max. Differential Pressure

         4 bar / 21

         2.4 bar / 90

         Steaming Sterilize (Autoclave)   121 / 30min up to 50 cycles
         Inline Steaming Sterilize   121℃ / 30min up to 20 cycles
         Hot Water Sterilize   85 / 30min

      Biological Safety


         <30mg/10″(Test Procedure: Steaming sterilized for 30 min at 121℃,

          then soaked in the water for 24 hours)


         Meets FDA for Oxide Test (Test Procedure: Steaming sterized for

         30 min at 121℃, then take the samples after purified water wasting)

         Endotoxin   <0.25 Eu/ml, according to LAL Test
         Material Safety   Meets USP <88>, for class VI-121℃ plastics

      For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message


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