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    1. Medical

      Nitrocellulose (NC) Membrane


      Nitrocellulose membrane, also known as NC membrane, works in the place where the immune reaction occurs, and is one of the most important lateral flow immunoassays membrane in the test strip. As microporous membrane, NC membrane’s function is immobilizing the target molecule, which will be adsorpted in the test line (T-line) and the control line (C-line), while the conjugate of the sample is guided to flow into the reaction area. Lateral flow test strip consists of 4 parts: sample pad / blood separator, conjugated pad, reaction membrane (NC membrane) and absorption pad. 

      Cobetter NC140C and NC95C are perfectly suitable for lateral chromatography diagnostic manufacturers’ requirement. According to different application scenarios, Cobetter provides NC membranes in different capillary and sizes with great performance and consistency.

      Nitrocellulose membrane 02 cbt.png

      Basic Properties

      ItemCobetter NC140CCobetter NC95C

      Capillary Speed (s/4cm):13485

      Coating Thickness
      (without backing) (μm):

      Backing Thickness (μm):120131


      - High porosity, great protein binding ability, high sensitivity and rapid detection

      - Extraordinary hydrophilicity, instant wetting to ensure consistent lateral flow rate 

      - Low background allowing longer exposure time, lowering interference on test results 

      - Various options of pore sizes and capillary speed can be selected 

      - Evenly thickness, consistent signal test result is easy-to-read 

      - Smooth surface with no defect 

      - High consistency ensures accurate and reliable test results 

      - Length and width be customized


      As membrane for lateral flow tests, nitrocellulose membrane is one of the most important material in immunochromatographic diagnosis technology. Customers could select suitable membrane with different pore sizes according to their requirements on sensitivity, which decide different chromatographic speed. 

      Each of Cobetter NC diagnostic membrane has a specific capillary velocity range. NC95C is very suitable for high viscosity samples and can be used for test strips with short response time in contrast, the capillary speed of NC140C is slightly slower and the response time is longer, but the protein binding ability is stronger and the detection sensitivity is higher.

      Applications, regents and production conditions are taken into consideration during the development of Cobetter NC95C and NC140C membranes. So, they can provide different options regarding detection speed, specificity and sensitivity for our customers.

      Applicable Test Method for Cobetter NC Membrane

      Immunochromatography based on lateral flow, such as:
      - Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography Assay(GICA)
      - Latex Immunochromatography Assay
      Fluorescence Immunochromatography Assay

      Applications for Test Strip with Cobetter NC membrane

      - Covid-19 Test
      - Infectious Disease Test
      - Myocardial and Inflammatory Test
      - Early Pregnancy Test
      - Drug Detection
      - Food and Pesticide Test

      Membrane Formats

      - Rolls/ Discs/ Customized


      FormatSpecificationBackingWidth (mm)Length (m)

      Other sizes can be customized. Look forward to your inquiry!

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      For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message

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