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    1. Medical

      Glass Fiber Membrane Filter 
      Glass-Microfiber-Filters cbt.png

      The glass fiber has a round cross-section and a constant diameter, and can be made very fine, with a high dimensional stability and high porosity. Therefore, the paper made from it has high tensile strength, good chemical stability, water resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance up to 500oC, low thermal conductivity, sound absorption, and has good permeability, high load capacity and other great characteristics.

      Cobetter glass fiber membrane filters are available in hydrophobic, hydrophilic, acid-treated with low metal content and copper acetate treatment version. The wide range of pore sizes  allow glass fiber membrane filters to be widely used in various industries.

      As a filtration enterprises and a technology-driven company, Cobetter committed to providing customers in different industries with various solutions. Optimized manufacturing process and high quality standard allow us to provide membranes for each application.

      Physical Properties

      - High dimensional stability and high porosity

      - High load capacity   

      - Broad chemical compatibility

      - Consistent bed volume

      - High temperature resistance.

      Sound absorption

      - Ultra low pressure drop  

      General Specifications


      Membrane (discs, strip,sheet)

      Filter cartridge

      Filter device


      Binder free 

      Glass microfiber filters with binder

      Bond with PTFE


      0.1μm - 47μm

      Material Options


      Acid-treated with low metal content

      Copper acetate treatment


      0.2mm - 1.3mm


      Insert Molding


      Liquid Filtration

      - Diagnostics

      - Drinking Water

      - Pre-filters for Membranes

      - Biopharmaceutical

      - Provides filtration media for virtually all fuel applications 

      ULPA Filtration

      - Medical research laboratories

      - Medical facilities, like hospitals

      - Airborne infection isolation areas

      - Airline cabin purifiers

      - Biological and chemical shelters

      - Pharmaceutical research and manufacturing

      - Electronics manufacturing Cleanrooms

      Glass Fibre Filter for
      Laboratory Analysis

      - Water pollution monitoring and wastewater filtration

      - Air monitoring 

      - Food analysis

      - Diagnostics

      - Liquid clarification 

      - Liquid scintillation

      - Membrane prefilter

      - Waste leachate toxicity testing

      - Determination of filterable substances and residue on ignition

      Determination of iron content in the presence of iron oxides

      Measurement of crop protection agent using gas chromatography (GC) or HPLC

      TCLP Testing Filters

      Gas-Absorption Filters

      Diesel exhaust monitoring

      Stack emission sampling tests 

      Flue gas dry desulfurization of power plant coal fired boiler

      Glass Microfiber Filters for Liquid Filtration


      Glass Fiber Filter for Laboratory Analysis


      Glass Microfiber Filters for Air Filtration


      Glass Microfiber Filters for IVD Lateral Flow


      For technical data sheet or application inquiry, you are more than welcome to contact our sales representative by sales@cobetterfilter.com or leave a message


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