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    1. Ink Jet Filtration


      In order to provide optimized industrial ink jet printing quality, we developed a wide range filtration and separation technology to satisfy the request from all our customers. From printer system to bulk ink production, we do have a wonderful integrity standard solution and what's more, we delicated ourselves into the practical ink jet applicaiton conditions for design innovation and customizable capability. Filtration and separation is extremely important and sensitive process for the entire ink jet chain that should not be neglected. How to make an stable ink formulation is a topic that always in discussion. Colorant particles homogeneity, agglomerates, gels and pulutant from the procession always troubling the ink-jeter. However, solving the problems from chemical aspect, micro-size particles has always been the subject of our research and actually we made great achievements.

      • AdvanLife Filter Cartridges Cobetter AdvanLife Filter Cartridges feature a single layer asymmetric hydrophilic polyethersulpone membrane. They are designed for filtration of aqueous liquids, including dye-based ink jet inks. It’s membrane is characterized by high dirt holding capacity, high flow rate, high effiiciency and longer life time.
      • GlassFlow Filter Cartridges Cobetter GlassFlow? Filter Cartridges are made of super fine glass fiber media with a pre-layer constructed of polypropylene for pigment-based ink and paste and dye-based dispersed inks and paste for use during pre-filtration and final filtration. Glass Fiber Media has an inherently absorptive characteristic that enhances filter retention capability.
      • Ultrapore Filter Cartridges Cobetter Ultrapore? Filter Cartridges are used as a final filtration for pigment-based inks, dye-based inks, and ceramic ink jet inks. PP Nano Fibers outer layers provide high flow rates and multi-layer of super fine glass micro fiber contribute to high efficiency.
      • Stepped HB Capsule Cobetter WM Series and STBT Series Capsule Filters have been widely used in digital ink jet inks formulation labs, small ink batch production process. Various size capsule filters meet all your needs.
      • Small Volume Capsule Cobetter PHP Series Capsule Filter have been widely used in wide format printers and eco solvent / water based ink jet printers. This capsule features a high filtration area for long service life and low initial pressure drop, ideal for situations where space is at a premium. In addition to the standard polypropylene capsule, an opaque UV resistant capsule in polypropylene is also available
      • Multiple Connection Capsule Cobetter DIP Series Capsule Filters have been widely used in digital ink jet printers applications, such as CIJ printers, ceramic printers, textile printers, and wide format digital printers. They contain specially designed INK-PP media that provides longer lifetime, higher precision, and no fiber releasing. This capsule ensures the cleanliness of the entire tubing system and eliminates secondary pollutions. This provides a high level of printhead protection in ink jet applications. Var
      • Multiple Capacity Capsule Cobetter NPT Series Capsule Filter is a multiple capacity capsule filter developed for both small batch material filtration and main ink filtration in the digital printing system.
      • Meltgradient High-efficiency Depth Filter Meltgradient series is the PP melt-blown cartridgewith the absolute filtration rate. It adopts the reasonable gradient pores configuration, cooperating with the structure of "deep". The cartridge is capable of efficiently capturing particles of different sizes, and its flow rate and life are not inferior to the pleated cartridge. Polypropylene raw material that meets FDA requirements, with extensive chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering inks, coatings, solvents, deionized water, etc.
      • Point-of-Use Disc Filter Disc Filter is designed to ensure critical protection of inkjet printheads. Different sizes match different types of print heads, while meeting high interception efficiency and low pressure difference requirement, protecting the printheads without affecting the ink supply. PPEP special filter material is used to protect the nozzle, high cleanliness. More choice of materials to meet different application needs, including air filtration, corrosive material filtration.
      • EnCap Filter Cartridges Cobetter EnCap? Easy Change Filter Cartridge, with a polypropylene outer shell, uses encapsulated technology. They are specially designed to provide increased efficiency and safety in the ink manufacturing process. No adhesives or glue are used in the manufacturing process, and all bonding is done by thermal welding.
      • High Flow Last Chance Filter HFPF Filter, a breakthrough product developed by Cobetter, catering the high speed printing filtration market demand and facilitate the practical application. The pioneered 1 inlet & 2 outlet design combines the functions of a Y-shaped adapter, damper and filter. Luer connector design for easy chageout.
      • SteriPS Filter Cartridges Cobetter SteriPS Filter Cartridges are specially designed to provide superior flow rates, high retention efficiency for dye-based ink jet inks final filtration. The cartridge features a single-layer symmetric hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane.
      • High Flow Last Chance Filter High flow design to meet high-speed requirement to apply in digital ink jet printer. Especially for the StarFire 1024 print head users, such as digital ink jet ceramic printer, dyeing machine, advertising printer, UV flatbed printer and so on. It's mainly used before the print head to intercept the impurities in the inks to avoid it enter into the print head that leads to clogging.
      • StarCap UCF-T Capsule Filter Cobetter StarCap UCF-T Capsule Filter is self-contained and ready to use filter for removal contaminants and particles for inkjet ink formulation applications. This kind of design makes change-outs quick and convenient while reducing operator contact with inks. No adhesives or glue are used in the manufacturing process, and all bondings are done by thermal welding.
      • Absoguard Filter Cartridges Cobetter Absoguard Filter Cartridge is an pleated depths filter. It combines and nano fiber media, provides high efficiency with high particles retention. Cobetter Absoguard Filter is an good choice for a wide range of digital printing ink jet inks filtration, especially for pre-filtration of dye-based inks.

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